7/30 Tickets, Location, & Guidelines

EDC Sat Nam Romance Time Date___________
✶ Required Space Guidelines:

– Mouth and Nose covering is optional for those that are vaccinated. 
– Please do not come if experiencing any symptoms of illness on the day of, or up to two weeks before the dance.
– All bodies are welcome.
– Bring your own water.
– Avoid wearing strong scents.
– Do wear deodorant, and please take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.

✶ Required Dance Guidelines:

Please keep a distance of 6 feet from any participant wearing a red fabric around their wrist (clean fabric will be available at the sign in space).
– To invite a participant into a shared dance, make eye contact and a gesture of open hands.
– To refuse an invitation, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “no thank you,” or ignore the invitation.
– To finish a shared dance, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “thank you, I am done,” or just dance away.
– Refrain from acting on sexual arousal in shared dances. (Feeling sexual energy is ok, initiating it is not)
– Keep the intimacy found in a shared dance exclusive to the Ecstatic Dance container. (Remember that it doesn’t exclusively translate to that same person or group in a different container or space)
– Talking, cell phones, photography, and alcohol are left outside the dance space. Playfulness, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in.

✶ 7/30 Tickets are available

✶ 7/30 Dance Location ✶ 

– Sat Nam Yoga Studio
1304 W Washington Blvd,
Chicago, IL 60607
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