Ecstatic Cacao Activation, Postponed.

EDC Cacao Activation Postponed

Dear Ecstatic Dance Chicago community, with the recent viral pandemic happening in the world and our city I am moved to focus my attention on protecting our community, and the greater community that surrounds us. Our dance and social container offers us the gift to physical closeness. This gift is something that the World Health Organization and the Center for Diseases Control is asking us to refrain from to help slow down the spread of this virus. You see most of us will knock this virus out as if dealing with a mild or strong case of the flue, however some elderly and those that have compromised immune systems will require extra help. With a slower pace of infection, everyone who needs the help will get it, and from a prepared and capable medical system. It is for this reason that i have decided to put our Ecstatic Dance, and the Movement Medicine workshop on hold during the month of March. With us refraining from gathering to dance we are supporting our greater community and each other with the opportunity for the best care possible. This slower spread of infection will also keep business open, and supply chains of food, medicine, and basic necessities flowing. Just think of all the toilet paper everyone will be able to have. I look forward to resuming our dance with you all, along with a Cacao Activation on April 11th.

Any ticket holders for the March 14th Ecstatic Dance are welcome to a refund, or a one time transfer of the ticket to an Ecstatic Dance of their choice, or a partial refund that offers a donation to help support our home and venue the Second Unitarian Church, and to support the travel expenses of Dj Swahé who was scheduled to play on this night.

In the mean time I am planning some live web linkups through Facebook Live or Zoom video conferencing where we can dance together to a live Dj set with a guided warm up before hand, and sound journey at the end to cool us down. When  we show up in love and care for each other as a community, we are immensely supported to be free from stress and fear. Our resilience to overcome anything that may come at us is scaled up, and we can accomplish anything.

All tickets purchased can be Refunded
Transferred Once to an Ecstatic Dance of your Choosing
Donated to cover Venue Cost and Dj Travel Cost