Ecstatic Dance Chicago 2/4, Sunday @ 10am, New Location

EDC 710 flyer

You are invited to an extraordinary Sunday Morning dance party, where you can be who you want to be and dance how you want to dance.
Ecstatic Dance is a welcoming place to dance, connect with community, celebrate, and feel free to be your self, with others that want the same.
Our participation guidelines help to set a space where you can be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, and adventurous with ease. We encourage you to step into your hero’s journey, and to make friends along the way.
We are very grateful, and excited, to be invited into the warm and welcoming space of The Den Theater by the theater Artistic Curator, and Ecstatic Dance participant and contributor, Joshua Draper. Expect beautiful hardwood floors, tall ceilings, massive windows to let in the sun, plenty of dancing space, and a café were you can purchase food, snacks, coffee, and tea.
Sunday Morning 2/4
A “show up and leave anytime” event.
10am – Movement Playshop.
10:50am – Opening Circle & Guidelines Share.
11am – Ecstatic Dance with Roman djing.
1pm – Relaxing Sound Journey.
1:30pm – Closing Circle.
Shannon Connell Fischer (Yoga and Movement Playshop)
Roman, Ecstatic Dance Chicago Founder (Dj)
Tzippy A. Rhodes on Flute and Voice (Relaxing Sound Journey)
(Free Sunday Parking on Milwaukee Ave.)
– Kids 13 and under dance for free!
– Price for Seniors, Students, and anyone from Out of State is Discounted.
Work Exchange Opportunities are available emailing Samuel at
Financial assistance is available by emailing you’re request to Roman at, by 2/03.
$20 Cash, or $21 Credit Card/PayPal at the Door.
Please refrain from wearing strong scents.
Do wear deodorant, and take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.
Photography, Videography, and Conversations off and away from the dance floor.
And only if you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
Wheelchair Accessible.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
Everyone must cover their nipples, if dancing topples.
Bring Your Own Cup for Water.
High Definition, 18′ Subba Wuba, Bass Rich Sound System.
For more info on Ecstatic Dance Chicago and our guideline please visit the About page. For opportunities to Dj, and/or lead a movement playshop, send proposals through the Contact page.

***Yoga Playshop***

Shannon Connell Fischer3 Edit 5S W
Shannon Connell Fischer

Shannon “Shakti Conn” Connell Fischer is true to her fiery nature, she loves to live, share and bask in the glow of the collective fire. Whether through energetic movement, yoga, dance, chanting or perhaps even a little howling at the moon, Shannon guides from a place of authenticity where everything is allowed, encouraged and accepted. Each experience with Shannon is a unique and beautiful journey that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and more deeply connected to the Oneness that unites us all… in a never-ending dance of passion, sweetness and fun! Freedom of expression, expansion and joy on the journey is what she intends to share!

***Dj Activation***

Roman 3 Edit2 W
Roman Borochin

Roman is a community organizer, an educator, a seaker of a higher human potential, and a curator of fine music. Music has played a big part in his life by always providing him with the impulse and inspiration to dance and to be moved. As dancing is his favorite way to step into a state of flow, he is always looking for that magical sound and rythem that helps ease into that energetic state. With that Roman has trained his ear and body to pick out specific frequencies in music that help to uplift, let love, and feel free. There realy is no limit to what he will listen to and be able to enjoy, even country music. 

For Dj’ing he draws his material from African, African Inspired, South and Central American, East and South Asian, Arabic, European, and the indiginus and rythmic cultures of the world. For Ecstatic Dance Chicago Roman is intending to set a sweet and celebratory energy with the best music the world has to offer. For the past decade Roman has been hosting and Djing transformational dance journeys in Chicago. He is the founder, and lead Organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.

***Sound Journey Captain***

Tzippy Edit 5 W
Tzippora Rhodes on Voice and Flute

Tzippora sings soft soulful music, and is a multi-instrumentalist with The Herbal Remedies. She also loves song circles and collects song for group singing wherever she goes. Prepare to be guided on a journey of song, melody, and harmony.

***Healing Arts Facilitator***

Barret Edit W
Barret Hedeen, The Witness Energy Healing / Intuitive Past Life Readings

What things have you experienced before this life? What influences do they have on you presently? Where were you before you were here? Our past lives provide the backstory to the life we are living here. The more we know about them, the more we know about ourselves.

Barret has been assisting souls like yourself in seeing more of themselves, as the creator of The Witness Energy Healing, a healing system based on non-duality. In this experiential time together, you will explore what karma has led to the experience that you are now having, with the goal of coming to release it and know your true self, one of love and of peace.