Ecstatic Dance Nights 4/7


You are invited to an extraordinary dance party where you can be who you want to be, and dance how you want to dance.
Ecstatic Dance is a welcoming place to dance, celebrate, connect with community, and feel free to be you, with others that want the same.
Our participation guidelines help to set a space where you can be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, and adventurous with ease. We encourage you to step into your hero’s journey, and to make friends along the way.
Saturday Night 4/7
✶ Slippery Pete (RUFFMusic . Cleverpillar . Freakeasy)(Dj)
✶ Ami Isett (Movement Playshop)
✶ Sam Bottner (Sound Journey)
✶ Bhairavi Shera Patel, Reiki Infused Bodywork (Healing Arts)(
✶ Randy Cummins, Thai~Shiatsu Bodywork (Healing Arts)(
✾ “Arrive and Leave Anytime” 
6pm – Movement Playshop.
6:50pm – Opening Circle, Guidelines Share
7pm – Ecstatic Dance.
10pm – Meditative Sound Journey.
10:11pm – Closing Circle.
37 N. Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607.
@ The Chicago Shambhala Meditation Center/
Ecstatic Dance Chicago HQ
(Free parking on north and south running streets between Madison and Lake. Even More Free Spots north of Lake. Make sure to read the restricted parking signs they will be in your favor)
✬ Kids 13 and under dance for free!
✬ Price for Seniors, Students, and anyone from Out of State is Discounted.
✿ Work Exchange Opportunities are Available by FB messaging Samuel Lamour or emailing at
✿ Financial Assistance is Available by request. Email Roman at by 4/6.
$15.76 PayPal prepay until 1pm Day of.
$20 Cash, or $21 Credit Card/PayPal at the Door.
Please refrain from wearing strong scents.
✶Do wear deodorant, and take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.✶
Photography, Videography, and Conversations off and away from the dance floor.
And only if you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
✾ Wheelchair Accessible.
✾ Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
✾ Everyone must cover their nipples, if dancing topples (Painters Tape will be provided)
✾ Bring Your Own Cup for water and tea.
High Definition, Loud, Bass Rich Sound System. (Ear Plugs will be provided)
For more info on Ecstatic Dance Chicago and our guideline visit the About page, and for opportunities to Dj, and/or lead a movement playshop send proposals through the Contact page.
***Dj Activation***
Slippery Pete edit W
Slippery Pete
(RUFFMusic . Cleverpillar . Freakeasy)
Pete’s sets slip from genre into genre, twisting, bending and meandering though a myriad of styles with a very rare kind of fluidity. He mixes deep… cutting and juggling all the while, creating new rhythms by remixing in the moment using only turntables and a basic mixer. When you add that to his lightning fast turntablism skill, which he executes flawlessly and with an effortless grace, that defines Slippery Pete as an artist. 
Pete transitions from 30’s inspired swing to songs he seems to import directly from the future. Lacing island inspired bass riddems , old-timey gospel, 80’s R&B and whatever else Pete decides to throw in for fun. A slip and slide dance journey with this D.J. is always worth taking.
***Movement Playshop***
Ami Isett 2 edit 3 W
Ami Isett
Core Energetics is a Body-Mind Practice that releases tension in the body and transforms patterns of behavior, creating more choice, joy and pleasure in one’s life.
Ami Isett, is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Movement Mentor and Dance Instructor with 20 years of experience inspiring people to feel more vitality and aliveness by moving the flow of energy in their bodies. She integrates a sense of play and vibrant spirit to all of her passions; whether it is helping people in deep process work, learning dance moves, or expressing connection to their real selves.Ami’s extensive training in movement and dance enhances her ability to help clients attain more body awareness, energy release and have some fun. Her mission is to help her clients break through the fear and resistance in their lives and to step into a richer more abundant life. Her intention is to create a safe and trusting place where people can experience their true feelings and feel more ALIVE!
***Sound Journey***
Sam Bottner 3 edit 2 W
Sam Bottner
As a musician, producer, and yoga teacher, Sam has a passion for utilizing sound and music as tools to venture inward. Since 2012, he has toured North America with his band, Barrier, and recently released his debut record for his newest project, Ananzi. Sam looks forward to taking you on a sonic journey to deep inner space through atmospheric guitar, voice, and resonance bowls.
***Healing Arts***
Bhairavi edit 5 W
Bhairavi Shera
Bhairavi will be providing intuitive Reiki infused dynamic body work focusing on creating space in the connective tissues within the body. This type of bodywork is total body focused and energetic. The practice brings about more fluid movement and well feelings to the body as a whole. Intuitive messages that come through during the treatment will be shared with permission. These services will be provided for donation for 10-15 minute increments. Longer sessions are available for $1 per minute.
Bhairavi Shera is an intuitive channel whom practices holistic wellness for the entire BE-ing. She is a licensed speech language pathologist, certified holistic plant-based nutritionist and Reiki II practitioner. She is trained in dynamic bodywork as well as Hatha yoga. She integrates intuition within her practices to bring insight and healing to her clients through many modalities. Among the above, she is an ordained lifestyle empowerment coach focusing on transforming language patterns to align to abundance and healing in the present moment.
You can learn more at:
You can also reach her on Facebook at Bhairavi Shera Patel and Instagram at Shera_Speaks_Light.
***Healing Arts***
Randy Cummins edit 3 W
Randy Cummins
Ecstatic Dance Chicago is honored to have Randy Cummins offering “Thai~Shiatsu” bodywork. With years of practice and teaching, Randy is a true master of this Healing Art.
“Thai~Shiatsu” bodywork is received clothed while lying on a supportive matt. Specific pressure, rhythmic rocking, and a balancing of energy lines in the body is applied with graceful attention to create relaxation and a well being of physical, and emotional health.
Randall A. Cummins, L.M.T., M.T.I., A.O.B.T.A. Cert. Instructor, NCBTMB Provider. In his 33-year career, Randy has taught at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, the Lauterstein-Conway School,The New School for Massage and Zen Shiatsu in Evanston, Illinois. Along with providing CE trainings, he maintains private practices in Chicago and Austin, Texas.