Ecstatic Dance Nights 9/9


You are invited to an extraordinary dance party, where you can be who you want to be and dance how you want to dance!
Established for the purpose of nurturing, and cultivating free-spirited movement comunity, Ecstatic Dance Chicago sets a held space for authentic expression and relation.
We encurage you to be curious, playful, wild, sexy, meditative, and adventurous. Our participation guidlines help to make this easy.
Saturday Night 9/9
A “show up and leave anytime” event.
7pm – 7:50pm Movement Playshop
7:50pm – 8pm Opening Circle> Guidelines Share
8pm – 10pm Ecstatic Dance
10pm – 10:11pm Meditative Sound Journey
10:11pm – 10:30pm Closing Circle
Chrissy Martin (Movement Playshop)
Roman Borochin as Galactatron (Dj)
Charlie Lubeck (Sound Journey)
Robert Bershadsky (Healing Arts)
37 N. Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607.
At the Chicago Shambhala Meditation Center
(Free parking on north and south running streets between Madison and Lake. Make sure to read the restricted parking signs they will be in your favor)
Kids 13 and under dance for free!
Price for Seniors, Stedents, and anyone from Out of State is Discounted.
Work Exchange Opertunities are availble through Samuel Lamour.
$15.76 PayPal prepay until 3pm Day of.
$20 Cash, or $21 Credit Card at the door,
$21 PayPal day of after 3pm
(includes service fee)
Please refrain from wearing strong scents. Do wear deodorant.
Photography, Videography, and Conversations off and away from the dance floor.
And only if you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
Wheelchair Accessible.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
Bring Your Own Cup for water and tea.
High Definition, Bass Rich Sound System.
For more info on us, our guidelines, and for djing, facilitatating movment, and work exchange opportunities please visit the About section of this sight.
***Movement PlayShop***
Chrissy W
Chrissy Martin
Chrissy is an interdisciplinary performing artist with a background in dance, vocal performance, and experimental theater. She graduated with a BFA in music and performance studies from New College of Florida in 2006. She has been lucky to be a part of numerous companies around the US, including Sarasota Contemporary Dance, Muscle Memory Dance Theatre, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, Dead White Zombies, and BodyCompass Dance Projects in Chicago. Somatic practices such as Pilates, Gyrotonic ® Expansion System, Body Mind Centering, and Laban Movement Analysis deeply inform Chrissy’s integrated movement style. Chrissy is involved in the global contact improvisation community, which has inspired her to research sensory feedback in movement and develop her own improvisational structures.
***Dj Activation***
Galactatron 4 w
Galactatron first appeared on Earth when he crash landed there on June 12, 2016. He is an intergalactic, trans dimensional traveler crossing the cosmos on his sound and light ship, Chunky’Womp.
Last time we saw Galactatron he was being helped by the Chi Ka Go community, who danced and celebrated to reenergize Chunky’Womp’s Flizzel drive by attracting the Kalxian infinity flares. With that mission being a grand success Galactatron was able to reach Central Command check point 137 and upgrade Chunky’Womp with a Vayu’Gaman power converter. The new power converter transforms the energy of dance and authentic expression into the fuel of stars, allowing Chunky’Womp to travel to the farthest reaches of the multiverse.  
While at Central Command, Galactatron received a destress signal from Princes Abodango of the Traflorkian Galaxy. Her star system is in great danger of imploding and only the energy from the Vayu’Gaman power converter can help breath new life into her world, and save the Traflorkian Galaxy. 
Galactatron is asking for your help once again. Your fierce power in dance and expression channeled through the Vayu’Gaman power converter can save the Traflorkian Galaxy. You are invited to participate on a journey of dance and adventure for the highest good and most fun! It may not be easy, it may be full of obstacles and challenges, though together we can be victorious! 
To support you, and to inspire all sorts of expected and unexpected movement, Galactatron will Dj an Ecstatic Dance Journey of Earthly and Alien sounds. A new and amazing experience awaits!
***Sound Journey***
Charlie W
Charlie Lubeck
Charlie’s relationship to music could be compared to that of Moonlight to a ghost. listening to him, one would gather that he has stepped, fully formed, out of another time, out of the past of a half-remembered dream. Drawing his music from the Mississippi delta, From New York, 1963, from open fields and starlight, from commoners and kings, settle in and enjoy the vibrations, for as long as they last.
***Healing Arts Facilitators***
Robert W
Robbert Bershadsky
Robber is a Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist. He will be offering Acro Thai and fly, Sports Massage and light Myofascial Stretching. He plans to bring his healing experience, background in meditation, and restorative yoga to help facilitate amazing therapeutic treatments, allowing participants to get the best of movement and regeneration. 
Lizz Shiatsu edit w
Lizz Medrano
Lizz is am an AOBTA-Certified Shiatsu Practitioner. She studied Shiatsu at Zen Shiatsu Chicago.

Her interest in healing started at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, an Ashram in India, where she studied Yoga and Ayurveda, while taking Yoga Teacher Training. This experience at the ashram piqued her interest in the healing arts and became her foundation. Studying and learning about Eastern healing, Shiatsu, Yoga, and body mechanics has allowed her to develop a relaxed, intuitive Shiatsu style. Share this gift of healing and helping people find balance in their lives is something she is deeply passionate about. ( 

– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team