EDC Nights

***Movement Playshop***

Janie 2

– Empower Movement with Janie Crick.
Empower Movement is rooted in the principle that the only person who has control over your body is YOU and what better way to love on yourself than to play. The class starts with intention setting and will continue with stretching, alignment, and discovering your kinesphere, or personal bubble, as well as others. Janie will guide participants through Self-Love and Organic Expression of the body. In this class participants learn how to give themselves permissions. Permissions with our body to move, to feel, to play around in an explority and safe classroom with like minded people.

***Dj Dance Delights***


– Dj John Ariel
Hailing from the streets of Chicago, Skelefin really understands the meaning of “flow.” Veering away from the current trends in electronic music, John Real does not bang or rage, he grooves. Drawing his inspiration from the community of flow artists that frequent his shows, he really knows how to paint a picture with his sound. Playing genres ranging from House, Techno, down-tempo and intellectual ambient to U.K. Dubstep and glitch hop his music truly is without pretension. John Real has a remarkable ability to play with the crowd and not just at them . Nod your head and smile while he takes you on a sonic safari.
-Dj Roman
A collector of music that sets the soul on fire and inspires moments of blinding brilliance, Roman is looking forward to bringing it to the dance floor. His intention is to craft a journey that slowly builds taking the dancer deep into a timeless world free from thought and full of inner wisdom.

***Musical Vibrations***

Mark Florence

– Sound Journey Conductor Mark Florence on Sitar.
Mark Florence is a multi-instrumentalist raised in the backwoods of Kentucky. He migrated to Chicago in 2002 to pursue a music career. Mark started playing the guitar at age 11 and after becoming familiar with the guitar he branched out onto other instruments such as bass, drums, banjo and various synthesizers. After arriving in Chicago, he developed a deep interest in the sitar and studied classical Indian music for several years. He currently performs with his fusion duo Trees and the Chicago based reggae band Kings in Waiting.


– Live Guitar, Dj acompanyment by Chris Da Cosse.
My focus as an artist is to continuously develop a deeper understanding of the learning process through skill acquisition, teaching, and focused practice.

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The sweet joy of the dance floor is calling. Your playfulness and curiosity are being requested.