Ecstatic Dance Chicago, 10/23

EDC Dilip Double Dipp

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to cultivate authentic expression, and mindful connection. It is a place where you can explore your dance, and connect with an awesome collective dance vibration.

You are invited to this extraordinary activation, to dance all that needs to be danced, shake loose anything holding you back, and find the joy in your own dance and in a shared experience with others that want the same!

Saturday, October 23rd
6:30pm – 10pm CDT
Inside w/a Sound System
✶ Dance Activation – Dj Double Dipp, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Deep and Funky House
✶ Warm Up – Robert Bershadsky, Yoga and Play
✶ Sound Journey – Mehtab Kirtan, Gong and Song
✶ Host – Robert Bershadsky  

– 6:30pm Movement Warm Up
– 7:15pm Opening Circle and Intention Setting
– 7:30pm Dance
– 9:30pm Sound Journey
– 9:45pm Reflections + Closing

Double Dipp is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur working as a DJ, producer, and recording engineer
. Starting off at the age of 19 producing beats and engineering hip hop records for local talent, Double Dipp developed his own persona within minimal and deep house music after being introduced to Chicago’s underground scene. He continues to be a beat maker and recording engineer, while also perfecting a unique solo act somewhere in the realm of minimal, deep house, garage, and drum & bass. 

Resident of REVIVE Collective

✶ Tickets, Locations, and Guidelines
– For work exchange (1 hour for set up, break down, or at the sign in table) tickets contact by 10/23.

ED Double Robert Bershadsky plain

We have the great pleasure of being lead in a Yoga Warm Up, and in the Opening and Closing Circle by Ecstatic Dance Chicago’e very own Robert Bershadsky. His playful and inviting approach to teaching bridges all ages and skill levels.

ED Mehtab Kirtan plain

Mehtab Kirtan is a musician seeking to draw out the light in all. The drummer leads various ensembles: from his progressive jazz group Here & Now, his large spiritual spoken word ensemble comprising the Fool’s Journey, and a new kirtan group called Vibrate The Cosmos.
In addition to his creative pursuits, he is an active healer in the mediums of tarot, Kundalini Yoga, and sound. Check for his releases, upcoming events, insights, and to join his mailing list.

✶ Tickets, Locations, and Guidelines
– For work exchange (1 hour for set up, break down, or at the sign in table) tickets contact by 10/23.

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