Ecstatic Dance Chicago 12/14

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Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates our culture, and unites people by offering a space to practice freedom of expression, and mindful connection. It is also a place to dance, celebrate, create community, and to feel free to be your self.
In your dance you are invited to be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, adventurous, or anything you choose, and to share with others or dance alone.
✶ Dance Activation – Dried Spider (Live Band), Masterful Jazz/Funk/R&B
✶ Extra Dance Activation – Romance, World Wide Rhythm and Groove
✶ Movement Warm Up – Jane Zawadowski, Yoga Between the Mats
✶ Sound Journey – Masin Gabriel Ouksel, Medicine Song 
✶ Healing Arts – Grace Jolicoeur, Crystal Grid Reiki
(Free Parking is east of Broadway on Surf, Oakdale, Wellington, Barry, and Briar. There are also two Car Parks, and paid street parking near by)
Join us at any time.
7:00 PM   – Movment Warm Up (Open Door)
7:50 PM   – Opening Circle (Open Door)
8:00 PM   – Ecstatic Dance w/ Dried Spider (Open Door)
9:30 PM   – Ecstatic Dance w/ Dj Romance (Open Door)
10:30 PM – Sound Journey (Open Door)
10:45 PM – Closing Circle (Open Door)
$15 Early Bird Sold Out
✬ Kids 13 and under dance for free!
✬ Public servant, CPS Teachers, Student, Senior, Veteran, Out of State or 4 hours drive, and Bike Arrival receive $5 off..
✬ 1 hour, on site Work Exchange opportunities for entry to Ecstatic Dance are available by emailing by with “12/14 Work Exchange” in the subject line.
✬ Financial Scholarship is available by request through 12/13. Email with “12/14 Financial Scholarship” in the subject line.
✬ Bring your own cup for Water✬
✬ Do wear deodorant, and take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.
✾ Talking, cell phones, photography, your shoes, and alcohol are left outside the dance space. Playfulness, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in. Ecstatic Dance is a practice of self expression, and communication on a non verbal level. You can find Ecstatic Dances all over the world, from major cities to small towns and communities. 
For our Required Guidelines please visit the About Page.

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We are excited to have you join us.

Dried Spider 191214

✶Dance Activation✶
Dried Spider

Dried Spider is a winding, grooving, brooding amalgamation of psychedelic soul, art rock, bent jazz, and lyricism made for the people. Dried Spider sings of nature, nurture, and strange connections amongst unexpected grooves, addictive guitar lines, and 3 part vocal harmonies. The songs of bandleader Matty Witney are a product of the environments they are born in, from the spacious landscapes of his homeland Australia to, most recently, the socially complex bustle of current Chicago and the U.S.

The trajectory of Dried Spider has taken a detour in the last 3 years when project leader, Matty Witney relocated to the US to marry his long time partner. Over the course of settling into his new hometown of Chicago, Matty immersed himself in the cities rich jazz and improv scene, taking a break from the bandleader path to freshen his musical palette. Upon connecting with the right people, Dried Spider found its U.S. formation with a lineup. With the family band unit complete, the band have set about recording the projects 1st release since the ‘Wounded City’ EP with an album due for launch in fall of 2019 and US tour to follow.

jane zawad 191214

✶Warm Up✶
Jane Zawadowski, Between Yoga

It late 2000, Jane experienced her first panic attack, landing her in the hospital. Thus began her journey on the powerful healing path of yoga, as she strove to balance physical and mental well-being.

In the last almost 2 decades, yoga has been Jane’s go-to. She’s practiced prenatal and postnatal yoga with each of her 3 children, as well as shares yoga with them now. She’s participated in yoga retreats in India, Thailand, and China. She became a 100-hour certified teacher in 2014, with School Yoga Institute, on the Buddhist Emei Mountain near Chengdu, China. Most recently, in July of 2019, she became a proud graduate of Room to Breathe’s 200-hour yoga teacher training in Chicago. Jane is so grateful for the multiple experiences with yoga that she’s been fortunate to deepen her practice of yoga both on and off the mat.

Jane is also a coach and counselor sharing the practice of Nonviolent Communication with clients in Chicago and beyond. Vipassana meditation is another practice that she has derived personal benefit from. She credits these compassionate communication and mindfulness practices as influencing her yoga practice, helping the yoga student to flow with discovery, honesty, balance and a more integrated practice of empathy for themselves and others.

romance 191214

✶Dance Activation✶
Dj Romance, World Groove

Roman(ce) is a curator of incredible music, community organizer, and a seeker of a higher potential. Music has played a big part in his life by providing him with gateway to embodiment, and into free flow of movement and energy. Wanting for others to have the same opportunity he creates space and plays music that bring on these mystical qualities.

For his Dj sets Roman draws from Black American, African, Afro Brazilian, South and Central American, Eastern, European, and many indigenous and rhythmic cultures of the world. Allot is also picked from the polished and technically produced sounds of electronic music.

For the past decade Roman has been hosting and Djing intentional dance gatherings, and out of the ordinary dance and art events. He is also the founder, and lead organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.

Masin 191214

✶Sound Journey✶
Masin Ouksel, Medicine Song
Video Song Book on FB:

“My mother gave me a guitar when I broke my leg in 7th grade. It was a very serious break requiring 2 surgeries, and inflicting psychological trauma to an active 11 year old. I was told I may not run again. Over the months of video games depression and sleeping on the couch I began to form a relationship with the guitar. Rachety and slow learning as I was, the steel strings twangy sound and deep vibration spoke something my thoughts or words could not pronounce. The music could touch and infiniteness that eclipsed my physical body and transcend my broken bones. As if a note plucked would vibrate forever and exist permanently as it traveled through space. I have never left it’s side since.

With time I learned to see music as medicine. Medicine that could heal deeper than the hospital, deeper than a prescription, deeper than my cells. Medicine music comes from the source of our creation. We are reminded when we hear it of our true nature. A nonjudgmental message that’s been spoken to us before, that we can hear whenever we choose to tap in. Medicine music is our birth song. Allow me to share my healing through sound with you, may the musical vibration bring each of us to it’s place of infinity.”

grace 191214

✶Healing Arts✶
Grace Jolicoeur, Crystal Grid Reiki

Grace, is a Yogi- KRI and YTA certified Kundalini Yoga teacher through Yoga West Los Angeles with Guru Singh. Grace is a certified Master Reiki practitioner with the Dr. Usui Shikoku Ryoho lineage of natural healing as of 2013. After intuitively learning herself for many years, Grace is now a certified Crystal Healer of the Crystal Academy through SatDevbir’s Chateau Singh in 2017. Grace graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts and Environmental Studies. She is passionate to make art that resonates with the ancient modern lifestyle and experiences the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle to be a complete embodiment of that.