Ecstatic Dance Chicago 2/8

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You are invited to an extraordinary dance where you can be who you want to be, and dance how you want to move.

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to practice freedom of expression, and mindful connection. It is also a place to celebrate, create community, and to feel free to be your self.

You are invited to be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, adventurous, or anything you choose, and to dance alone or share with others. Our participation guidelines make this safe and easy

✶ Dance Activation – Amritaji, World Base
✶ Movement Warm Up – Julie Brannen, Free Form Movement & Play
✶ Sound Journey – Melissa TigerLily, Medicine Song
✶ Healing Arts – Jenn Cooper, Traditional Thai Massage
(Free Parking is east of Broadway on Surf, Oakdale, Wellington, Barry, and Briar. There are also two Car Parks, and paid street parking near by)
Join us at any time.
Saturday, February 8th, 2020
7pm to 11pm
(All Open Door)
7:00 PM   – Movement Warm Up 
7:50 PM   – Opening Circle
8:00 PM   – Ecstatic Dance 
10:30 PM – Sound Journey 
10:45 PM – Closing Circle  
✬ Kids 13 and under dance for free!
✬ Public servant, CPS Teachers, Student, Senior, Veteran, Out of State or 4 hours drive, and Bike Arrival receive $5 off..
✬ 1 hour, on site Work Exchange opportunities for entry to Ecstatic Dance are available by emailing with “2/8 Work Exchange” in the subject line.
✬ Financial Scholarship is available by request through 2/7. Email with “2/8 Financial Scholarship” in the subject line.
Keeping the space:
✾ All bodies are welcome.
✾ Bring your own cup for water.
✾ Avoid wearing strong scents.
✾ Do wear deodorant, and please take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.
✾ Talking, cell phones, photography, your shoes, and alcohol are left outside the dance space. Playfulness, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in. Ecstatic Dance is a practice of self expression, and non verbal communication. You can find Ecstatic Dances all over the world, from major cities to small towns.
Follow the blue text to the Guidelines, and to sign up for the Mailing List.

We are excited to have you join us.

✶ Dance Activation ✶
DJ Amritaji, World Bass

Amritaji 200208

Raj Inder Dhillon, AKA Dj Amritaji, has been spinning sacred psychedelic worldbeat music since 2007. She spent the last decade playing at electronic music events and festivals, bringing her unique style of weaving the traditional music of Eastern and indigenous cultures with electronic dance music to venues across the continental United States. She fell in love with Ecstatic Dance in 2010 and became eager to bring the practice to her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She founded Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee in early 2016 and quickly completed Ecstatic Dance Leadership training with the founders of Ecstatic Dance Oakland. Her passion is for creating sacred dance journeys through bridging traditional and modern dance music; to offer her hometown a sonic space for healing, free and authentic expression, and fun! She continues to expand the Ecstatic Dance community, and to spread her love for Ecstatic Dance across the US. Experiencing Amritaji’s Ecstatic Dance sets will get your body and soul grooving!


✶ Movement Warm-Up ✶
Julie Brannen, Movement Liberation

Julie Brannen 200208

What is Movement Liberation?
Where there is movement, there is life.
Creative energy, infused with Love, is why I am here. It is the life force energy that runs through my veins, the breath that inspires my lungs to inflate, and the rhythm that allows my heart to beat to this unique soul song. It is the spark that ignites my soul to embody the important role I play in creating this shared reality. I expand into newness. Every fiber of my being is growing, expanding, evolving in the light. My soul has always craved dance. Ever since I was a tiny cluster of cells in my momma’s belly, I needed to move.
I was called to dance. When I dance, I feel the range of what it means to be alive. With my body as its canvas, instrument, + vessel, we (body/mind/spirit) go on this wild + precious ride. Dance is the expression that allows me to equally lose myself + find myself again + again.
I hold space for others to do the same.

Julie Brannen practices as a dance/movement therapist, teaching artist, and conscious movement facilitator. She is the Founder + Artistic Director of SheWolf, a new paradigm global purpose revolution to venerate the embodied feminine soul. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, with a Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, and Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis from Columbia College Chicago.

✶ Healing Arts ✶
Jenn Cooper, Traditional Thai Massage

Jenn Cooper 200208

Jenn Cooper (they/them) is a Chicago-based bodyworker with training in Traditional Thai massage and frequency based modalities. Their focus is to create a supportive space for release of tension so the body can realign itself. Expect deep breaths and stretches as part of your session.

✶ Sound Journey ✶
Melissa TigerLily, Medicine Song

Melissa TigerLily 200208

Melissa Tigerlily lives by the belief that a divine magick resides within everything and everyone. She is an intuitive healer, sacred space holder, ceremonial songstress and sound healer, and conscious jewelry designer at TigerLily Moon. Her intention is to evolve as a vessel for Spirit in all that she does and shares with the world. Melissa’s deep love of integrating music and healing as medicine has guided her on a spirit led pilgrimage across the country bringing healing to the land and water. She weaves sound, ceremony, and vibration together through ritual, healing circles, workshops, and retreats. As a Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, and facilitator of New Paradigm MDT, she creates safe space for people to reconnect with themselves and activate their inner wisdom. Melissa is passionate about holding space for others in the discovery of their own passion, purpose and heart-song, while they courageously share it with the world.

Song to Mt. Shasta:


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