Ecstatic Dance Chicago 4/13, at 2nd Unity

EDC 710 flyer

You are invited to an extraordinary dance party, where you are free to dance and move any way you want, and feel free to be you with others that want the same.

Ecstatic Dance Chicago is a warm and welcoming space for community to come together to connect, and to dance. Our dance floor is a conversation, photography, shoes, and alcohol free space that holds embodiment and freedom of expression in the highest regard. We invite you to be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, adventurous, and to share with others or dance alone. Our participation guidelines, and the container We create makes this safe and easy.
Join us at any time on
April 13th, 2019
6:30pm to 10:30pm
Second Unitarian Church
656 W Barry Ave, Chicago, IL. 60657
(There is Free Parking east of Broadway on Surf, Oakdale, Wellington, Barry, and Briar. There are also two Cap Parks near by)
Dj Activation – Afrodjia, aka Sadie Woods, House Funk Jazz and Hip Hop
✶ Movment Playshop – Nikolas Lapelusa, Wild Movement
Sound Journey – Masin Gabriel Ouksel, Medicine Song
Healing Arts – Samule Lamour, Blended Energy Work Massage
6:30p – 7:20p – Movment Play
7:20p – 7:30p – Opening Circle (Guidelines Share)
7:30p – 10p – Ecstatic Dance
10p – 10:15p – Sound Journey
10:15p – 10:30p – Closing Circle
$25 Cash at the Door
✬ Kids 13 and under dance for free!
✬ Public servant, CPS Teachers, Student, Senior, Out of State or 4 hours drive, and Bike Arrival receive $5 off..
✬ Work Exchange Opportunities for entry to the Dance are available by emailing by with “4/13 Work Exchange” in the subject line.
✬ Financial Scholarship is available by request through 4/11. Email with “4/13 Financial Scholarship
” in the subject line.
✾ Wheelchair Accessible.
✾ Bring Your Own Cup for water and tea. Cups will be for sale if you need one.
✾ Do wear deodorant, and take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space.✾
For more info on Ecstatic Dance Chicago and our guideline visit the About page. For opportunities to Dj, and/or lead movement play/dance/yoga send proposals through the Contact page.
✶Dj Activation✶

Saide Woods 190413

Afrodjia is a new dj persona of the incredible and multitalented Sadie Woods. A Chicago native with a childhood steeped in performing and visual arts training, Sadie Woods has had an exciting career, showcasing her talents everywhere from academia to nightclubs, boutiques to museums. As an award winning artist, curator, and deejay, her practice includes sonic art, sound design, deejay performance, exhibition making, and collaborations within communities of difference.

✶ Movment Playshop ✶
Nikolas Alfonso-Ivan LaPelusa

Niko 190413

Niko’s travelled all over the world spending thousands of hours learning and practicing movement from master teachers. Studying martial arts, dance, acrobatics, natural parkour, powerlifting, yoga and more. Niko offers a holistic class, approaching general movement from many different modalities. Niko’s goal is to offer different perspectives and approaches to movement which build self esteem and freedom in the mind-body, so that a student can connect to Creative Source on their own.

We will start with breathing work to prime our nervous system. We will then practice isolated movements to warm the body. Finally, we will integrate the movements into games, challenges and body riddles. This will set us up to have energetic, creative, improvisational Ecstatic Dance practice!

✶Sound Journey✶
Masin Gabriel Ouksel

Masin 2 190413 final

“My mother gave me a guitar when I broke my leg in 7th grade. It was a very serious break requiring 2 surgeries, and inflicting psychological trauma to an active 11 year old. I was told I may not run again. Over the months of video games depression and sleeping on the couch I began to form a relationship with the guitar. Rachety and slow learning as I was, the steel strings twangy sound and deep vibration spoke something my thoughts or words could not pronounce. The music could touch and infiniteness that eclipsed my physical body and transcend my broken bones. As if a note plucked would vibrate forever and exist permanently as it traveled through space. I have never left it’s side since.

With time I learned to see music as medicine. Medicine that could heal deeper than the hospital, deeper than a prescription, deeper than my cells. Medicine music comes from the source of our creation. We are reminded when we hear it of our true nature. A nonjudgmental message that’s been spoken to us before, that we can hear whenever we choose to tap in. Medicine music is our birth song. Allow me to share my healing through sound with you, may the musical vibration bring each of us to it’s place of infinity.”

Video Song Book on FB:

✶ Healing Arts ✶
Samuel Lamour

Samule L 2 190413 Final

Offering Blended Energy Work Massage
LMT, Asian Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner, New Paradigm MDT Facilitator

Samuel attended Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine where he studied Tui Na Chinese massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu, and Swedish Circulatory Massage. He is also an attuned Reiki Practitioner and Activated as a New Paradigm MDT Facilitator. Samuel uses his intuition and experience to blend these energy healing and massage modalities together in order to create a healing experience for his clients that is relaxing clearing, rebalancing, and harmonizing on a physical and energetic level.

Lamour Massage FB Page: