Ecstatic Breath & Dance, Saturday 4/4

EDC breath and dance Pyramid

You are invited to an extraordinary, online Breath and Dance practice. Here your free form Ecstatic Dance expression primes you for an incredible Transformational Breathwork journey.
Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to cultivate freedom of expression, mindful connection, and community.
Thrive Breathwork offers a deepening into the great potential within each of us by helping us reclaim our breath, and to fill up with life and vitality that transforms and elevates.
Our online meeting place holds embodiment and your personal journey in the highest regard. We invite you to come just as you are and to be curious, set intentions, push your boundaries, and experience more of the awesome being that is you.
✶ Ecstatic Dance Dj – Yohm, ED Nevada City
✶ Movement Warmup – Sam Bottner, Breath & Qigog
✶ Thrive Music Journey – Sam Bottner and Dustin Borlack, a masterfully recorded 40 minute musical breathwork journey, with guidance
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Saturday, April 4th.
6:30pm – 9:30pm
6:30 PM. Warmup
7:00 PM. Opening Circle
7:10 PM. Ecstatic Dance at
8:10 PM. Thrive Breathwork Journey (Closed Door)
9:00 PM. Closing Circle  
✬ Free to everyone!
✬ If you still have a job, or money to share, we gladly welcome your financial support!
It would be lovely to offer these contributions:
– $130 to Thrive Breathwork and Movement
– $100 to Ecstatic Dance Chicago
– $100 to our Dj, Yohm
Venmo: @RomanBoro
Keeping the space:
✾ Please keep your Mic Muted until the sharing circles.
✾ To talk in the closing circle raise your hand in the Manage Participants Window to be unmuted.
✾ If you would like, plug your laptop or phone into a bigger speaker, or sound system. (boom boom boom)(Bluetooth speakers will create a small lag in sound)
✾ Talking, Video and Photo recording, and Alcohol are left outside this online space. Bravery, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in.
For the Thrive Breathwork it is recommend you prepare your space with:
✾ Headphones / high-quality speakers
✾ Journal + pen
✾ Blanket + pillow
✾ Comfortable clothing
✾ Water / Tea
✾ Eye cover
✾ The breath is typically practiced lying down, guided by trance-like waves of rooting world instruments and voice. This process allows for very deep healing experiences to take place, and provides access to mystical states of consciousness.
✾ Breathwork can often be cathartic, and our highest intention is that you feel safe and held throughout. You are always welcome to breathe at your own pace, take breaks, and care for yourself however you may need.
If you have any questions regarding Thrive, please feel free to contact Sam or Dustin here, or at
Ecstatic Dance is a practice of self expression, and non verbal communication. You can find Ecstatic Dances all over the world, from major cities to small towns.
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We are excited to have you join us.