Born from the Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, California, we focus on nurturing a healthy and loving community space where you can play, dance, explore, and interact authentically.

Our dance floor is a conversation-free space which allows for more movement and non-verbal communication. There is a space near by to have engaging conversations.

To assist with sharing in dancing with others, and to dance by your self, we set and uphold clear verbal and non verbal guidelines on how to invite someone to dance, end a dance, and how to say no to an invitation.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow your body to move without restraint. Please do not use any strong perfumes, oils, or other scents. There is also no photography or videography on the dance floor.

Please bring a bottle or a cup for water, which we have on site. We will also have vegetarian snacks to satisfy your belly.

We realize that not everyone is ready just yet to let go/be free/dance openly. With this in mind, we invite those who are curious to simply come by and get a feel for the atmosphere. Soak up some of the amazing energy — the smiles are contagious! And who knows, maybe you’ll be ready when the next Ecstatic Dance rolls around!

If you are not regularly in chicago you can find a dance near you with over 56 cities hosting ecstatic dance world wide. Please visit http://ecstaticdance.org for that information.

Check out our past events here.

See you in the dance.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team