Ecstatic Dance Chicago offers a held space to cultivate personal and communal joy through fun and free spirited movement to music. Here you can explore any creative, inspired, and authentic expression. You are welcomed to share your expression with those that offer permission.  The more of us expressing freely together, the more we create an awesome collective energy.  Everyone is welcome to attend, no mater your age, physical ability, or appearance. To support our container everyone who attends is required to at the least be willing to practice the space and dance guidelines, and at most to be willing and able.

Ecstatic Dance Chicago was inspired by the Sunday Morning and Wed Night Ecstatic Dances in Oakland, California,  with its lineage descending from Max Fathom, who started the first Ecstatic Dance at Kalani-Honua on the Big Island of Hawaii when he combined his dance practice of teachings from Gabrielle Roth with the electronic music that he fell in love with at Burning Man.  

Our dance floor is free from talking, photography, phone use, or the consumption of alcohol. Leaving out these specific things creates the best environment for us to be present while sharing a dance space, with more opportunity for non-verbal communication, exploration, and play. 

To assist you in dancing with others, and dancing by your self we set clear consent guidelines, and invite you to uphold them and share them with those in need. Consent and expression of boundaries on the dance floor supports all of us going deeper and having the experience we wish for ourselves.  Non verbal gestures are used to invite someone into a shared dance, to say no to an invitation, and to finish a shared dance.

To help us hold this container there are Dance Guides in the space, wearing illuminated green wristbands or fabric. The can answer questions, address concerns, and share the Ecstatic Dance Guidelines with those that need them. 

For the your enjoyment of the dance we suggest you wear comfortable clothes that allow your body to move without restraint. You can also wear anything you want. 

We realize that not everyone is ready just yet to let go, be free, and dance openly. With this in mind, we invite those who are curious to simply come by and get a feel for the atmosphere. Soak up some of the amazing energy — the smiles are contagious! And who knows, maybe you’ll be ready before you even know it!

See you at the dance.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago