Born from the Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, California, with Gabrielle Roth as our grandmother, Ecstatic Dance Chicago focuses on nurturing a healthy and loving community space where we can play, dance, explore, and express authentically.

Our dance floor is a verbal conversation-free space, which allows for more dancing and non-verbal communication. Making noise and sounds is very accepted. There is also a space away from the dance floor to connect while talking. There is no photography, phone use, or the consumption of Alcohol on the dance floor. Leaving out those three creates the best environment for us to be present and mindful while sharing a dance space.

To assist you in dancing with others, dancing by your self we set and uphold clear consent guidelines. They non verbal gestures used to invite someone to dance, say no to an invitation, and to finish a shared dance.

Our guidelines are posted all throughout our space which makes sharing them easy.  You are welcome to kindly point them out to anyone in need. There are also appointed Dance Guides in the space who help to hold our container, and can answer questions, and address any concerns. 

For the dance we suggest you wear comfortable clothes that allow your body to move without restraint. You can also wear anything you want. Also please do not expose your bare chest by keep your shirt on in venues that restrict women from doing the same. Do avoid wearing strong scents, and do wear deodorant. And please take care of stinky feet before entering the dance space. 

We realize that not everyone is ready just yet to let go, be free, and dance openly. With this in mind, we invite those who are curious to simply come by and get a feel for the atmosphere. Soak up some of the amazing energy — the smiles are contagious! And who knows, maybe you’ll be ready before you even know it!

See you at the dance.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago