Required Guidelines

The held container of Ecstatic Dance Chicago is able to facilitate deep dives into authentic and inspired expression. The required guidelines are the foundation to that container. They develop and nurture the awareness of personal expression, awareness of fellow dancers, and the awareness of the felt presence of the collective.

Zoom Dances Online
✬ If you want to Share a Dance, ask only once by sending a private chat request. Once there is permission, pin each others screens to dance together.
✬ To finish a Shared Dance, offer a sign of palms together, and unpin.
✬ To pin or unpin a screen, click on the three dots at the upper right corner of an individual screen, in grid view of zoom.
✬ Chat Conversations, Video and Photo recording, and Alcohol are left outside the dance space. Playfulness, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in.
✬ Any movement expression is welcome.
✬ Sharing encouragement and excitement in the chat is welcome.

✬ If you would like a bigger and a more clear sound connect to an external speaker or sound system.

For In Person Dances

  1. The Dance floor is free of talking and verbal conversations. Making sounds and being vocal is welcomed as long as it is not continuous and disruptive to the space.
  2. Photography and Videography is only appropriate in the in the socializing areas. On the dance floor it is only allowed by permission, and only after it has been announced to the participants prior to the dance.
  3. To invite someone into a shared dance make eye contact with a gesture of open palms.
  4. To accept an invitation begin engaging and sharing in the dance.
  5. To clearly refuse an invitation place your hands in prayer position while keeping eye contact, as a sign of no thank you. Or simply do not engage.
  6. To end a shared dance place your hands in prayer position while keeping eye contact, as a sign of thank you I am done. Or simply dance away without any formal ending.
  7. Please refrain from wearing strong scents to make the dance floor more accessible for those with scent sensitivities. This also includes body oder.
  8. The dance floor is a barefoot space. You can wear indoor shoes or dance shoes if you need them for dancing.