Past Ecstatic Dance Chicago Presenters

Slippery Pete 200111

✶Dance Activation✶
Slippery Pete (RUFFMusic . Cleverpillar . Freakeasy)

Pete’s sets slip from genre into genre, twisting, bending and meandering though a myriad of styles with a very rare kind of fluidity. He mixes deep… cutting and juggling all the while, creating new rhythms by remixing in the moment using only turntables and a basic mixer. When you add that to his lightning fast turntablism skill, which he executes flawlessly and with an effortless grace, that defines Slippery Pete as an artist.

Pete transitions from 30’s inspired swing to songs he seems to import directly from the future. Lacing island inspired bass riddems , old-timey gospel, 80’s R&B and whatever else Pete decides to throw in for fun. A slip and slide dance journey with this D.J. is always worth taking.

Rich Cotter 200111

✶Warm Up✶
Rich Cotter, Yoga and Play

Rich has a 200 hour hatha yoga teacher certification from Soderworld health and wellness he completed in 2005 and has been practicing yoga since 2003. Rich has mostly practiced yoga with many great teachers including Rich Logan, Alie McManus, Brent Miller, Sarah and Stephanie Starnes over the years. Rich has a  love for kettle bell swinging and will incorporate mobility into his practice merging his knowledge of stretching to create a fluid practice based on slow Movements, principles of strength and universal principles of alignment.

Sam Bottner 200111

✶Sound Journey✶
Sam Bottner.
Mystic Guitar and Loop Pedal, Thrive Music

As a musician, producer, and yoga teacher, Sam has a passion for utilizing sound and music as tools to venture inward. Since 2012, he has toured North America with his band, Barrier, and recently released his debut record for his newest project, Ananzi. Sam looks forward to taking you on a sonic journey to deep inner space through atmospheric guitar, voice, and resonance bowls.

Secquoyah Lacy 200111

✶Healing Arts✶
Secquoyah Lacy, Reiki

Reiki was a calling for Secquoyah once he chose to practice it at Equilibrium Energy & Education. After his Level One Reiki attunement he immediately knew he wanted to go out and share this technique with others. After his Level Two attunement he was able to understand how deep and vast this energy can be used, from healing the energetic body to charging food!! Now he is a Certified Reiki Master & from his 3 years of practice he primarily emphasized using Reiki on the chakras and purification of the energetic and physical body. Secquoyah understand that chakra balancing is vital, and needed to keep the energetic body harmonized.

Omer 191228

✶Dance Activation✶
W_Dervish, World Wide Groove and Deep House.

Omer Bozok derives his Dj name, W_Dervish, from the whirling dervishes (the spinning sufi monks) as the reflection of his spiritual energy. He channels his passion through his own productions and through mixes he creates using dramatic music in various genres. He particularly enjoys deep house music with an ambient/oriental touch; in general, anything you can shake your shoulders to.

His music career started with house, and has recently steered towards cinematic, and world music. These influences are manifested in his productions. His songs have different elements complimenting dramatic sounds; choirs, violins, or similar expressive sounds with driving beats. He enjoys creating different elements/ideas, layering them and witnessing how they compliment each other.. These different elements will take you on a spiritual journey. It will be magical.

Julian X 191228

✶Extra Activation✶
Julian Xtra, Voice & Lyrics

Influenced by everyone from Migos to Muse, Julian Xtra provides his listeners with progressive lyricism and dynamic production. Sparks of inspiration from melodic trap, synth pop, and alternative rock, Julian’s tracks deliver a unique sound to fans of all demographics. Originally from Chicago, Julian’s roots run deep in the battle rap world; placing 12th out of thousands of rappers from around the world in Team Backpacks MUNY event put him apart from the pack. Moving to LA in 2017, he created his popular hit “Everybody Eatin” which ranked #1 on VEVO’s DSCVR Hip Hop playlist. This lead him to opening for A-List acts like Post Malone, Migos, Young Thug, and Lil’ Yachty. He has also shared stages with lyrical acts like Kevin Gates, Tech N9ne and Bone Thugs & Harmony. Now residing in NYC, Julian is gearing up to release his full length album in early 2020.

Tomcat Trumpet 191228

✶Trumpet Activation✶
TomCat Trumpet

Trumpet Player and Purveyor of Good Vibes

Paul WU 191228

✶Warm Up✶
Paul Grosso, Greek Dancing & Rhythms

You will be exploring Traditional Greek dance with rhythm, expressing with your body and soul to feel more comfortable in the dance!

Paul has been teaching traditional Greek dancing and playing percussion for most of his Whole life. He has Studied with some of the top dancers in Greece, and had performed in Greece multiple times! Paul wants to share his culture and keep it alive at the same time, through dance/Rhythms!

Max SJ 191228

✶Sound Journey✶
Max Kundrat, Hand Pan

Max Alexander Kundrat travels the world discovering ancient sounds, rhythms, and vibrational healing techniques. He has studied music and yoga with masters in Asia and in the U.S.. Max, a percussionist and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher endeavors to help people find inner peace, healing and self realization through music and yoga.

Dried Spider 191214

✶Dance Activation✶
Dried Spider

Dried Spider is a winding, grooving, brooding amalgamation of psychedelic soul, art rock, bent jazz, and lyricism made for the people. Dried Spider sings of nature, nurture, and strange connections amongst unexpected grooves, addictive guitar lines, and 3 part vocal harmonies. The songs of bandleader Matty Witney are a product of the environments they are born in, from the spacious landscapes of his homeland Australia to, most recently, the socially complex bustle of current Chicago and the U.S.

The trajectory of Dried Spider has taken a detour in the last 3 years when project leader, Matty Witney relocated to the US to marry his long time partner. Over the course of settling into his new hometown of Chicago, Matty immersed himself in the cities rich jazz and improv scene, taking a break from the bandleader path to freshen his musical palette. Upon connecting with the right people, Dried Spider found its U.S. formation with a lineup. With the family band unit complete, the band have set about recording the projects 1st release since the ‘Wounded City’ EP with an album due for launch in fall of 2019 and US tour to follow.

romance 191214

✶Dance Activation✶
Dj Romance, World Groove

Roman(ce) is a curator of incredible music, community organizer, and a seeker of a higher potential. Music has played a big part in his life by providing him with gateway to embodiment, and into free flow of movement and energy. Wanting for others to have the same opportunity he creates space and plays music that bring on these mystical qualities.

For his Dj sets Roman draws from Black American, African, Afro Brazilian, South and Central American, Eastern, European, and many indigenous and rhythmic cultures of the world. Allot is also picked from the polished and technically produced sounds of electronic music.

For the past decade Roman has been hosting and Djing intentional dance gatherings, and out of the ordinary dance and art events. He is also the founder, and lead organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.

jane zawad 191214

✶Warm Up✶
Jane Zawadowski, Between Yoga

It late 2000, Jane experienced her first panic attack, landing her in the hospital. Thus began her journey on the powerful healing path of yoga, as she strove to balance physical and mental well-being.

In the last almost 2 decades, yoga has been Jane’s go-to. She’s practiced prenatal and postnatal yoga with each of her 3 children, as well as shares yoga with them now. She’s participated in yoga retreats in India, Thailand, and China. She became a 100-hour certified teacher in 2014, with School Yoga Institute, on the Buddhist Emei Mountain near Chengdu, China. Most recently, in July of 2019, she became a proud graduate of Room to Breathe’s 200-hour yoga teacher training in Chicago. Jane is so grateful for the multiple experiences with yoga that she’s been fortunate to deepen her practice of yoga both on and off the mat.

Jane is also a coach and counselor sharing the practice of Nonviolent Communication with clients in Chicago and beyond. Vipassana meditation is another practice that she has derived personal benefit from. She credits these compassionate communication and mindfulness practices as influencing her yoga practice, helping the yoga student to flow with discovery, honesty, balance and a more integrated practice of empathy for themselves and others.

Masin 191214

✶Sound Journey✶
Masin Ouksel, Medicine Song
Video Song Book on FB:

“My mother gave me a guitar when I broke my leg in 7th grade. It was a very serious break requiring 2 surgeries, and inflicting psychological trauma to an active 11 year old. I was told I may not run again. Over the months of video games depression and sleeping on the couch I began to form a relationship with the guitar. Rachety and slow learning as I was, the steel strings twangy sound and deep vibration spoke something my thoughts or words could not pronounce. The music could touch and infiniteness that eclipsed my physical body and transcend my broken bones. As if a note plucked would vibrate forever and exist permanently as it traveled through space. I have never left it’s side since.

With time I learned to see music as medicine. Medicine that could heal deeper than the hospital, deeper than a prescription, deeper than my cells. Medicine music comes from the source of our creation. We are reminded when we hear it of our true nature. A nonjudgmental message that’s been spoken to us before, that we can hear whenever we choose to tap in. Medicine music is our birth song. Allow me to share my healing through sound with you, may the musical vibration bring each of us to it’s place of infinity.”

Jade 191123

✶ Dj Activation ✶
Jason Jade Lyons

Jade is a sound healer, gong specialist, reiki practitioner, music producer, and DJ.

Spending his childhood in Central Illinois, Jade found electronic music early on while spending time at a club in Peoria, setting the stage for a lifelong love affair with music. As his interest in music and the club industry progressed, he began working for, managing, promoting, and performing both live and DJ sets at many of Chicago’s biggest nightclubs including Karma, Crobar, Spybar, Sound Bar, The Mid and most recently, Primary. As his passion for electronic music continued to develop, his focus became directed towards his production and DJ performances, earning him residencies throughout Chicago.

While continuing to work on his music, he began to study energy healing and the psychology behind music, as well as vibroacoustics in order to shape the fundamentals of his musical direction. With his nightclub days behind him, Jade now spends his time working as a sound healer, performing gong washes, shamanic journeys, and meditations throughout the midwest. He continues to refine his DJ style to fit a much more conscious lifestyle with a fusion of organic beats and melodies along with infectious grooves and basslines.

With a lifetime ahead of him and a body of work behind, it is safe to say that Jade will continue to push the envelop in the pursuit of creating energy through music.

Jade is also a sound and vibrational healer, gong specialist, licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, music producer, mindfulness and meditation teacher/coach and DJ from Chicago, IL now living in AZ. He is the founder and creative director of Sedona Az based Project Manifest and co-founder and creative director for Chicago based Curating Mindfulness.

Lisa 191123

✶ Movement Warm Up ✶
Lisa Devi

Lisa Devi’s purpose and passion is to expand awareness by guiding students through practices of self-discovery to access the healer within. Through yoga, qigong, sound healing, and kirtan, her intention is to facilitate in each student’s cultivation of these powerful tools of discovery. She has found through her own powerfully healing journey that sharing the knowledge of mind/body/spirit relationship is the most empowering gift you can give someone to access their ever-expanding potential for wellbeing.

Lisa Devi completed her 200-Hour training with Kripalu, her 500-Hour advanced training with Moksha, and continues to train for her 1,000-Hour training with Kripalu. Through many trainings, some of the most influential and inspiring teachers she has practiced with are Seane Corn, Kerri Kelly, Shiva Rea, Kino Macgregor, Tias Little, Aadil Palkhivala, Devarshi Hartman, Gabriel Halpern, Rich Logan, and Kim Wilcox.

Lisa and Jade 191123

✶ Sound Journey ✶
Lisa Devi, Healing Sound
Jade Lyons, Gong

Sound Healing (Nada Yoga) frequency vibration helps to shift our state of being (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) back to our natural state of harmony. This is frequency medicine, bringing a vibrational massage all the way down to the cellular level to unwind the mind and bring deep relaxation and inner peace. In these states of consciousness, participants may experience enhanced creative vision, self and soul learnings, and release from all things exacerbated by stress.

Lisa Devi’s purpose and passion is to expand awareness by guiding students through practices of self-discovery to access the healer within. Through yoga, qigong, sound healing, and kirtan, her intention is to facilitate in each student’s cultivation of these powerful tools of discovery. She has found through her own powerfully healing journey that sharing the knowledge of mind/body/spirit relationship is the most empowering gift you can give someone to access their ever-expanding potential for wellbeing.

Music and energy healing have always been major factors in Jade’s life, yet he had somehow always kept the two worlds separate until the day he discovered the gong and it’s healing powers. Since that day Jade has been busy honing his craft as a “sound healer”, fully immersing himself in the healing community, studying the principals of sound Healing, vibroaccoustics, meditation and massage therapy.
In addition to performing gong washes, sound journeys and meditations regularly, he also sees clients for individual sound healings, energy work and massage.
Jason (Jade) Lyons is a sound and vibrational healer, gong specialist, licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, music producer, mindfulness and meditation teacher/coach and DJ from Chicago, IL now living in AZ. He is the founder and creative director of Sedona Az based Project Manifest and co-founder and creative director for Chicago based Curating Mindfulness.

Samuel 191123

✶ Healing Arts ✶
Samuel Lamour

Offering Blended Energy Work Massage LMT, Asian Bodyworker, Reiki, and New Paradigm MDT Facilitation

Samuel attended Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine where he studied Tui Na Chinese massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu, and Swedish Circulatory Massage. He is also an attuned Reiki Practitioner and Activated as a New Paradigm MDT Facilitator. Samuel uses his intuition and experience to blend these energy healing and massage modalities together in order to create a healing experience for his clients that is relaxing clearing, rebalancing, and harmonizing on a physical and energetic level.

NAXO ED JD 191107.jpg
✶ Dance Activation ✶
NAXÖMirza N. Shams – under their stage name NAXÖ – is a DJ , music producer, composer, keyboardist, singer, and sound healer. They use multiple sounds to explore psychological narratives, subjectivities, and stream of consciousness while activating emotional pitches to navigate personal transformations through their compositions and performances. NAXÖ fuses their Middle-Eastern, North African and South Asian folklore and heritage with contemporary schools of sound. Their work conjures a magical fusion that weaves psychedelic waves through beats, featuring transparent voices calling to resist, embedded deep within a poly-rhythmic groove.NAXÖ performed and produced in clubs, theaters and festivals for over a decade. Most recently, NAXÖ performed at Colvin House in Evanston and Mary’s Attic above Hamburger Mary’s Chicago in Andersonville, Chicago. They opened for “Hello Psychaleppo” at YallaPunk, a 3 day international festival in Philadelphia, and also opened for “City Of Djinn” at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. At Flux Factory in NYC, NAXÖ was one of the headliners for Mark for Redaction. In Chicago, NAXÖ performed at ICUQTS, a 2 day queer transcendence symposium, and Trans Art Is series of exhibitions and performances in Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and another, Trans Art Is: Crossing Borders in Andersonville Galleria, and Trans Day of Visibility 2019 in Chicago Magic Lounge. NAXÖ was featured in Chicago Zine Festival on Trans and GNC Chicago emerging artists panel, and performed at Chicago Dyke March.

Redlox 191026

✶ Dj Activation ✶
DJ Redlox

Siri Add Singh is a Co-Founder of Sat Nam Yoga Chicago & Chicago based DJ & electronic music producer who records and performs live as DJ REDLOX & Thunder Gong Sound System. His music encompasses a wide range of genres which have allowed him more than 20 residencies throughout Chicago, host an award winning radio show (Thunder Gong Radio – heard throughout the country), produce for Grammy Nominated artists and share the stage with influential artists such as Bally Sagoo, The Wailers,Talib Kwali, Beenie Man, & Kymani Marley – to name a few. REDLOX prides himself by avoiding stereotypical sounds and is always working diligently to push his music to new dimensions.
He recently returned from touring Asia and Playing / teaching Kundalini Yoga in Bali at The Bali Spirit Fest, Yoga Barn, Desa Seni Yoga Resort. There he also enjoyed Dj’ing for the Bali Ecstatic Dance Community.

kellyn 191026
✶ Movement Warmup ✶
Kellyn Jackson, Dance Improvisation

Using principles of contact improvisation, we will explore relating to ourselves, each other, and THE DANCE. How can we allow the dance to find us?
Kellyn is currently studying to receive her MA in dance/movement therapy & counseling. She’s taught yoga and dance for the last 6 years in a wide variety of settings-with children and adults, in India and Chicago, in healthcare and corporate America. She’s fascinated by the interplay and commonalities of these contexts, and delights in bringing play to adults, mindfulness to children, and the unexpected to the expected.

math 191026
✶ Sound Journey ✶
Math Velasco, Gong
Math Velasco is a student and purveyor of vibrational wellness through sound frequencies and rhythm. His goal is to guide you into the present using sonic dreamscapes and assist in the movement and processing of all things stuck.

Grace 191026

✶ Healing Arts ✶
Grace Jolicoeur, Crystal Grid Reiki

Grace, is a Yogi- KRI and YTA certified Kundalini Yoga teacher through Yoga West Los Angeles with Guru Singh. Grace is a certified Master Reiki practitioner with the Dr. Usui Shikoku Ryoho lineage of natural healing as of 2013. After intuitively learning herself for many years, Grace is now a certified Crystal Healer of the Crystal Academy through SatDevbir’s Chateau Singh in 2017. Grace graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts and Environmental Studies. She is passionate to make art that resonates with the ancient modern lifestyle and experiences the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle to be a complete embodiment of that.
Shannon Connell 191012
Shannon “Shakti Conn” Connell Fischer is true to her fiery nature, she loves to live, share and bask in the glow of the collective fire. Whether through energetic movement, yoga, dance, chanting or perhaps even a little howling at the moon, Shannon guides from a place of authenticity where everything is allowed, encouraged and accepted. Each experience with Shannon is a unique and beautiful journey that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and more deeply connected to the Oneness that unites us all… in a never-ending dance of passion, sweetness and fun! Freedom of expression, expansion and joy on the journey is what she intends to share!
Enoch 191012
Enoch Kim is currently an artist and audio engineer with an artist community called Names Are Hard. He facilitates recording sessions where artists gather to connect with each other, express their authentic selves, and create music that is genuine and true.
He also produces music under the name The Muse Maker. His music is driven by carefully orchestrated parts and sounds that evoke deep human emotion. He creates a space for the listener to get lost in a different world with closed eyes. The music acts as a call to adventure. You may occasionally find layers of vocals, a banjo, or lush ambient sounds in one of his tracks.
Liz 191012
“I am a Zen shiatsu therapist. Zen shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based in Chinese medicine, that involves acupressure and light passive stretching.
My interest in healing started at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, an Ashram in India, where I studied Yoga and Ayurveda. This experience at the ashram piqued my interest in the healing arts and allowed me to develop a relaxed, intuitive Shiatsu style. Healing and helping people find balance in their lives is something I am deeply passionate about and I hope to share with this gift with others.”