The Dance Guide Way


During the event, you will hold the space by supporting the guidelines, and answering questions from general function of the space, to “how do i do this?”. You will also hold the space to address concerns of participants. Most importantly you will be holding the vibe of a compassionate and caring space  that supports a healthy expression of authenticity and sharing of experience.

When supporting the guidelines

  • Please guide any conversations, photography, and open food and water containers off and away from the dance floor and to appropriate spaces.

When dealing with concerns in finding out of someone being offended by another:

  • Find out if both people are aware of the guidelines and are using them. If needed, educate the offender how to get consent from that person before doing whatever action that created discomfort. If needed educate the one experiencing the offense how to nonverbally and verbally communicate “No thank you.” The intention is to support a space where all experiences can be shared by wanting parties.

Please have any vulnerable conversations in private and with a kind heart. Avoid blaming and convey what experience was had and how it made someone feel. As a solution instruct how to go about getting permission and receiving consent before doing the same action again.

We also want to plant the seeds for our community to express and compassionately support our basic guidelines on a collective level.