Ecstatic Dance Cacao Activation 11/11


Ecstatic Dance is an inviting place to dance, celebrate, connect with community, and feel free to be you with others that want the same.
Pure cacao is both an energizing super food with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and a plant medicine that opens the heart, deepens meditative insights, and boosts inner/outer connection.
You are invited to experience the energy of Cacao at an extraordinary dance party. Our participation guidelines help to set a space where you can be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, and adventurous with ease. We encourage you to step into your hero’s journey, and to make friends along the way.
Very Important!!!
Cacao consumption is optional at this event. It is not advised for people taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants or people with a heart condition to have a full serving of pure cacao. For any other questions about the cacao served at this event, please write to Nick on the Contact page at
Saturday Night 11/11
A “show up and leave anytime” event.
7pm – 7:40pm Movement Playshop
7:40pm – 8pm Opening Circle> Guidelines Share> Cacao
(Cacao will be available for late arrivals)
8pm – 10pm Ecstatic Dance
10pm – 10:11pm Meditative Sound Journey
10:11pm – 10:30pm Closing Circle
Nick Meador (Movment Playshop)
James Isaac Wenzel Upright Bass (Sound Journey)
At the Chicago Shambhala Meditation Center
(Free parking on north and south running streets between Madison and Lake. Even More Free Spots north of Lake. Make sure to read the restricted parking signs they will be in your favor)
Kids 13 and under dance for free!
Price for Seniors, Students, and anyone from Out of State is Discounted.
Work Exchange Opportunities are available through Samuel Lamour.
Financial assistance is available by request by emailing
Prepay tickets have sold out. 
$25 Cash, or $25 Credit Card at the Door.
Please refrain from wearing strong scents. Do wear deodorant.
Photography, Videography, and Conversations off and away from the dance floor.
And only if you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
Wheelchair Accessible.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
If dancing topples, Men and Women must cover their nipples (tape and pasties will be provided)
Bring Your Own Cup for water and tea.
High Definition, Bass Rich Sound System.
For more info on us and our guidelines, and for djing, facilitating movement, and work exchange opportunities please visit
***Movement Playshop and Cacao Service***
With Nick Meador
Nick Meador Edit W
Nick leads intuitive movement journeys based on the idea that the body can guide us in the direction of highest fulfillment. There’s no “right” way to move, only a more care-free spontaneous way of moving and being. Nick tailors the experience to what’s needed in the moment, in individuals and in the community. It might involve slow-motion energy flow, shaking, catharsis, breathwork, partner games, and more. The underlying goal is to give the body an experience of greater empowerment and liberation, which can subconsciously influence our minds and positively affect our day-to-day lives.
Nick will serve organic cacao grown at a family farm in eastern Guatemala that he personally visited in January. You’ll likely leave the cacao activation with a sense of euphoria, more connection to something bigger than yourself, and a readiness to step further on the path of your destiny.


***Dj Activation***

Omer 2 Edit W

Omer Bozok derives his Dj name, W_Dervish, from the whirling dervishes (the spining sufi monks) as the reflection of his spiritual energy. He channels his passion through his own productions and through mixes he creates using dramatic music in various genres. He particularly enjoys deep house music with an ambient/oriental touch; in general, anything you can shake your shoulders to.

His music career started with house, and has recently steered towards cinematic music. These influences are manifested in his productions. His songs have different elements complimenting dramatic sounds; choirs, violins, or similar expressive sounds with driving beats. He enjoys creating different elements/ideas, layering them and witnessing how they compliment each other.. These different elements will take you on a spiritual journey. It will be magical.

***Sound Journey***
James Isaac Wenzel on upright bass with a loop and drone.

James Isaac Wenzel Edit W

James is a native of Chicago and a professional bass player, singer, and composer/arranger. He is involved or an active member of bands such as Chicago funk Mafia, the Teachaz, Isaiah Collier and the Chosen Few, Shout Section Big Band, Bossa Tres, and many other groups. He is constantly expanding his work to encompass musical elements from all parts of the world.
James was recommended to play the sound journey by Dustin Borlack​ a founding sound journey facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.