Ecstatic Dance Cacao Activation

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Ecstatic Dance is a joyful place to dance, celebrate, and feel free to be you, with others that want the same.
Pure cacao is both an energizing superfood with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and a plant medicine that opens the heart, deepens meditative insights, and boosts inner/outer connection.
You are invited to dance with the spirit of Cacao, during a 3 hour Ecstatic Dance journey.
This is a “show up and leave anytime” event.
Saturday Morning 7/22
10am – 10:50am Movement Playshop
10:50am – 11am Opening Circle> Guidelines Share> Cacao
11pm – 2pm Ecstatic Dance
2pm – 2:15pm Meditative Sound Journey
2:15pm – 2:30pm Closing Circle
Chicago Shambhala Meditation Center
@ 37 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607.
The dance floor will be free of long conversations, and photography.
Do remember to wear deodorant, and to refrain from wearing strong scents.
If you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
Three non verbal gestures will be shared to help you interact with others dancers.
To deepen your experience we will have Healing Art Facilitators offering Reiki and Massage, a Meditation Space to center and quiet the mind, and accesible community members that can offer direction and help answer questions.
Wheelchair Accessible.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
Bring your own cup for water.
High Definition, Bass Rich Sound System.
Kids under 13 and under dance for free!
Senior, Student, and Out of State Visitor price is half off.
Work Exchange Opportunities are Available.
$15.76 PayPal Prepay
$21 PayPal day of.
$20 Cash or $21 Credit Card at the door,
For More Info on Ecstatic Dance Chicago please visit
***Movement Playshop and Cacao Service***
With Nick Meador
Nick leads intuitive movement journeys based on the idea that the body can guide us in the direction of highest fulfillment. There’s no “right” way to move, only a more care-free spontaneous way of moving and being. Nick tailors the experience to what’s needed in the moment, in individuals and in the community. It might involve slow-motion energy flow, shaking, catharsis, breathwork, partner games, and more. The underlying goal is to give the body an experience of greater empowerment and liberation, which can subconsciously influence our minds and positively affect our day-to-day lives.
Nick will serve organic cacao grown at a family farm in eastern Guatemala that he personally visited in January. You’ll likely leave the cacao activation with a sense of euphoria, more connection to something bigger than yourself, and a readiness to step further on the path of your destiny.
***Dj Activation***
With Shannon Haris tag teaming with Roman
Shannon Haris
Known for his creative individuality, Shannon continues to push limits dynamically in the DJ/music production/composition scenes. He has honed his skills as a professional DJ for 28 years and world touring DJ/Musician/artist performing in 5 continents globally for the past 11 years. Like him his musical selections travels the world, picking the best selections world culture has to offer. Currently, he uses his music to empower indigenous communities through self-sustainability training via his non-profit NGO, ASSIST Society, in Africa and Central American in conjunction with community/environmental activism and teaching sound healing via his registered brand Audio Pharmacology™.
Guiding dance journeys is an expanding practice for Roman. His Dj performances take his audience on a journey that invites celebration, depth of emotion, and the freedom to dance and connect. He learned to dj in 2003, mixing records in his mom’s basement on borrowed equipment. In 2007 he began facilitating Kundalini Dance, which showed him how music and sound can have a profound activating effects. Since then he has been organizing and djing guided, and free form dance events, in Chicago and abroad. His passion is to share rhythm and melody from cultures all over the world that support the listener to dance, move, and get down. He is the founder and lead organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.
***Sound Journey***
With Sonal Aggarwal on Didgeridoo and Voice
Sonal Aggarwal is a world traveling performer. Raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, she left the country after college to travel the world. While traveling, she learned that music, laughter and movement are universal languages with the power to bridge people together, regardless of their spoken language. In March of 2015 while living in India as an artist and emcee, her life took a dramatic turn with a motorcycle accident that led her back to her home in Chicago. Now, she is sharing her infectious energy, music, and stand up comedy on stages all over the city.
***Healing Arts Facilitator***
Secquoyah Lacy
Reiki Chakra Balancing
Reiki was a calling for Secquoyah once he chose to practice it at Equilibrium Energy & Education. After his Level One Reiki attunement he immediately knew he wanted to go out and share this technique with others. After his Level Two attunement he was able to understand how deep and vast this energy can be used, from healing the energetic body to charging food!! From his 3 years of practice he primarily emphasized using Reiki on the chakras. Secquoyah understand that chakra balancing is vital, and needed to keep the energetic body harmonized, as well as the other corresponding chakras, allowing all to maintain balance.
The Ecstatic Dance Chicago team recommends and exchange of $1 per minute with all the healing arts facilitators that are presenting at the event. You can also work out an alternative rate prior to your session.
See you at Ecstatic.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team