Ecstatic Dance Chicago 8/14

EDC 710 flyer

You are welcome to be your self. Dance just how you want to, to fun, uplifting music. Ecstatic Dance provides the space and opportunity to celebrate your self expression, and to bask in the love with a supportive community. A playground for curisity, wonder, flow states, and play.

Sunday Morning 8/14/16
You can arrive or leave at anytime.
9am – Movement Playshop
10am – Opening Circle, Dance
12pm – Sound Journey, Closing Circle

@ Live Work Yoga
1470 N Milwaukee Ave
The buzzer reads “Here Now”

$15 cash at the door
$15.75 Credit Card purchase
(includes .75 cent service fee)

Children 12 and under are welcome for free.

***Movement Playshop***
– Empower Movement with Janie Crick
Empower Movement is rooted in the principle that the only person who has control over your body is YOU and what better way to love on yourself than to play. The class starts with intention setting and will continue with stretching, alignment, and discovering your kinesphere, or personal bubble, as well as others. Janie will guide participants through Self-Love and Organic Expression of the body. In this class participants learn how to give themselves permissions. Permissions with our body to move, to feel, to play around in an exploratory and safe classroom with like minded people.

***Dj Delights***
-My Boy Elroy
His DJ styles are a combination of buttery and emotional mixes and productions of Deep and Funky House, Nu Disco, Tech House, and Instrumental Hip-Hop with beat box and scratching spicing it all up bringing you a completely original sound of DJing and musical performance.

– Roman (Ecstatic Dance Chicago)
Our resident Dj will be playing a selection of uplifting music spanning many genres and tempos to keep you on your toes as you dance this brand new day. Latin, and African grooves, along with inspirational lyrics, soaring melodies, and body rumbling rhythms are waiting for you to set the dance floor on fire.

***Musical Vibrations***
– Sound Jounry, Deep Soul Dive Captain, Shosha Wolf.
Shosha Wolf is the rare and wild alter-ego of singer-songwriter Leah Shoshanah. Her songs tell stories of inter-connectedness, love, struggle, nature and family. The music ranges an eclectic mix of styles inspired by folk, rock, samba and jazz— always with deep roots in the heart.

– Live Music by Christine Krumsee On BASS guitar.
Adding a little extra groove to your morning, Christine will be holding down the low end. Subtle, rhythmic, meditative, Christine taps into the feeling of the music and accents it for that extra punch. After years of playing acoustic guitar Christine picked up the bass so she could play along with her fellow guitar players. She took 2 years off and came back to it earlier this year when joining the industrial-electronic-rock band Sun Machine. She is inspired by riff rock, blues, funk, and general grooviness.

***Would you like to get to know us?
-Ecstatic Dance Chicago is a community that brings together extraordinary people like you for the purpose of loving & supporting & nurturing ourselves through the outlet of fun, free-spirited Movement to Music.

***Some Guidelines:
– Our dance floor is a conversation-free space
– Please do not use any strong perfumes, oils, or other scents

For more info on and guidelines on Ecstatic Dance Chicago, and work exchange opportunities please see our about, and contact section in the menu.

$15 cash at the door
$15.75 Credit Card purchase
(includes .75 cent service fee)

Children 12 and under are welcome for free.

See you in the dance.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team