Ecstatic Dance Chicago Nights 6/3, in Oak Park

Nights Ahimsa

Established for the purpose of loving, supporting, and nurturing ourselves through a communal outlet of fun, free-spirited movement to music.
You are invited to be playful, meditative, wild, sexy, adventurous and any other way you wish to express yourself!
Saturday Night 6/3
7pm – 7:50pm Movement Playshop
7:50pm – 8pm Opening Circle> Guidelines Share
8pm – 10pm Ecstatic Dance
10pm – 10:11pm Meditative Sound Journey
10:11pm – 10:30pm Closing Circle
This is a “show up and leave anytime” event.
Ahimsa Yoga Studio in OAK PARK
@ 441 South Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60302.
(Free Parking is available on South Blvd. The closest CTA L train is Ridgeland Green Line. There is also a bike rack in front of the studio)
1. Move however you wish
2. On a conversation free dance floor
3. In a cooperative space
4. Supported by guidelines of consent.
Please refrain from wearing strong scents. Do wear deodorant.
No photography, and videography on the dance floor.
And only if you absolutely need them for dancing, wear clean, non black bottom shoes (to prevent marking the floor.)
Bring Your Own Cup for water and tea.
Wheelchair Accessible.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
Light snack food.
Composting and Recycling.
High Definition, Bass Rich Sound System.
Kids under 14 dance for free!
Senior, and out of state price is discounted.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
15.76 PayPal prepay 
$20 Cash or $21 Credit Card at the door,
$21 PayPal day of, after 3pm
(includes service fee)
For more info on Ecstatic Dance Chicago and our guideline, and work exchange opportunities please visit the About page and the Contact page.
***On Sight Ecstatic Dance Organizers***
Roman Borochin, Sara Herff, Venus Durham
***Movement Playshop***
With Clare Tallon Ruen
Clare Berry w
Clare Tallon began dancing to the sunlight at age 4. With some difficult intervening years in a ballet studio, she was freed by west African dance at age 14. Around 1990, she began having lucid dreams that low level flying was possible. Her dreams became urgent and by day she would throw herself down a hill in an aikido roll, expecting not to land.
One day, in New England, she witnessed contact improv  and the clouds parted and angels sang. Her dreams were real, but what was needed were other bodies to defy gravity. Since the mid 90s she’s been studying practicing, labbing and teaching contact around the Great Lakes. In 2009 she earned her MFA in dance performance and choreography and makes Great Lakes themed dance works outside, most often on the beach, facing the sun.
***Sound Journey***
With Charlie Lubeck 
Carlie sharp w
Charlie’s relationship to music could be compared to that of Moonlight to a ghost. listening to him, one would gather that he has stepped, fully formed, out of another time, out of the past of a half-remembered dream. Drawing his music from the Mississippi delta, From New York, 1963, from open fields and starlight, from commoners and kings, settle in and enjoy the vibrations, for as long as they last.
***Dj Activation***
With DJ Taz Rashid
Taz Dj w
Dj Taz brings a high vibrational energy to any crowd instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, Remixes, House, Kirtan, Devotional, and all the cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.
See you at Ecstatic.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team