Ecstatic Dance Nights 7/28


Ecstatic Dance is an unique experience that is a flagship for authentic movement and authentic relationships, founded on acceptance and celebrated self expression.

As the day turns to night we come together be playful, meditative, wild, sexy, and any other way we wish to express our self that support us sensing deeper and more fully!

Thursday Evening 7/28/16
*You can arrive or leave at anytime*
7pm – Dance/Movement Workshop
8pm – Opening Circle, Dance
10pm – Sound Journey, Closing Circle

@ Live Work Yoga
1470 N Milwaukee Ave
The buzzer reads “Here Now”

***Movement Playshop***
– Contact Improvisation Dance with Eve Chalom
Contact improvisation can be a mind blowing experience and help you to see yourself and the whole world differently. As a shared movement practice, there is a strong emphasis on listening, both to your internal experience and to what is going on around you with your dance partners and the rest of the space. Eve Chalom has been practicing contact improvisation for 7 years, and credits contact improvisation with teaching her how to be free. When she is not improvising, she is teaching or performing figure skating, and working on requirements towards becoming a licensed dance movement therapist.

– DJ Galactatron
Roman, or Dj Galactatron, will fill the space with deep, fun, and sensual energy. Always supplying plenty of rich bass he intends to shake up, and break apart all of the things, taking you into the galactic center inside of you.

David started blending music on cassette tapes over 20 years ago. Remixing classic hits with new jack beats, he travels through house, electro, dubstep, jungle, breaks, lounge & all other genre to spice everything up. Bringing the dance floors on a new old school journey through inspiring experiences, he coalesces unique heartfelt styles of soulful sounds. He founded BrilliantlyMad in 1998 & recently launched Make Believe Professionals. Let’s get down together.

– Neale Baldyga
Sound Journey Navigator with Crystal Singing Bowls and other instruments.
Musical Accompaniment on Hand Drums.
He is the Founder + Co-Owner of Urban Escape Healing Studio, Sound Journey Facilitator, and Integrative Energy Healer
“I believe that the human body has the ability to heal itself and that everything we need is within us and found throughout nature. I combine my knowledge and experience of music and sound, essential oils and plant medicine, meridians, and other techniques to provide a unique and intentional experience…”

***About Us***
Ecstatic Dance Chicago is a community that brings together extraordinary people like you for the purpose of loving & supporting & nurturing ourselves through the outlet of fun, free-spirited Movement to Music.

Some Guidelines:
– Our dance floor is a conversation-free space
– Please do not use any strong perfumes, oils, or other scents
– Respect our space and our community

For more info on and guidelines on Ecstatic Dance Chicago, and work exchange opportunities please see our about, and contact section in the menu.

$15 cash at the door
$15.75 Credit Card purchase
(includes .75 cent service fee)

See you in the dance.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team