Ecstatic Dance Nights 8/25


Founded on self acceptance and a celebrated of expression, Ecstatic Dance is an unique experience that offers a space for authentic movement and authentic relationships in the social dance scene.

As the day turns to night we come together be playful, meditative, wild, sexy, and any other way we wish to express our self that support us sensing more fully!

Thursday Evening 8/25/16
*You can arrive or leave at anytime*
7pm – Dance/Movement Workshop
8pm – Opening Circle, Dance
10pm – Sound Journey, Closing Circle

@ Urban Escape Healing
1049 N Ashland Ave
*Free Parking on Augusta*
The Door is Open!

***Movement Playshop***
– ?????

***Dj Delights***
– Galactatron (Ecstatic Dance Chicago)
Galactatron, will fill the space with playful, deep, and sensual energy. Supplying plenty of rich frequencies of sound that activate ancient DNA codes and transport you into the body and to the center of your galaxy.


***Musical Vibrations***
– Sound Jounry, Deep Soul Dive Captain ????

– Live Music ????

***About Us***
Ecstatic Dance Chicago is a community that brings together extraordinary people like you for the purpose of loving & supporting & nurturing ourselves through the outlet of fun, free-spirited Movement to Music.

Some Guidelines:
– Our dance floor is a conversation-free space
– Please do not use any strong perfumes, oils, or other scents

For more info on and guidelines on Ecstatic Dance Chicago, and work exchange opportunities please visit

$15 cash at the door
$15.75 Credit Card purchase
(includes .75 cent service fee)

See you at Ecstatic.
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Team