Tickets, Location, & Guidelines, 6/11

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Ecstatic Dance Chicago offers a held space to cultivate personal and communal joy through fun and free spirited movement to music. Here you can explore any creative and authentic expression you wish. You are welcomed to share your expression with those that offer permission.  The more of us expressing freely together, the more we create an awesome collective energy.  Everyone is welcome to attend, no mater the age, physical ability, or appearance. To support this container everyone who attends is required to at the least be willing to practice the space and dance guidelines, and at most to be willing and able. 

✶ Required Space Guidelines:

– This space is entered by the use of stairs. 
– Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, scented oils, and other strong scents.
– Address body odor before entering the dance space. Deodorant will be available.
– Do not wear shoes, unless you need them to dance. (Indoor shoes please)
– Keep the dance space clear of belongings.

✶ Required Dance Guidelines:

“Be Present”
– No verbal conversations, cell phone use, or video/photography on the dance floor. 
– Give extra space to anyone wearing a Red Fabric. Clean Red Fabric will be available. 

“Be Consensual”
– Please get permission before involving others in your dance, physical touch, conversation, photos, or videos.
– While dancing…

a) To invite a participant into a shared dance, make eye contact and a gesture of open hands.
b) To invite a participant into a shared physical contact first follow instruction
a), then offer your forearm as an invitation for a place to contact, or ask verbally “can I touch you,” or “can we dance in contact?”
c) To refuse an invitation, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “no thank you,” or ignore the invitation.
d) To finish a shared dance, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “thank you, I am done,” or just dance away.

“Be Vocal” 
– Use your speaking voice when you need to (offer/refuse/ask for consent, and to clarify personal boundaries).
– Vocal expression (singing, shouting, vocalizing) is welcome, as long as it is not a continuous disruption to the dance space.

“Take Care”
– Keep the intimacy found in shared dances exclusive to the specific exchange. 
– Take responsibility for your actions and personal space.
– Share our guidelines with those that don’t know them.
– If you need support of any kind during the dance you can ask a Dance Guide (wearing green light or fabric wristband), or another participant for help. After the dance you can ask the Ecstatic Dance Chicago Council at
– And most important of all, remember to have fun and and let your self shine!

✶ Tickets are available

– Purchase a sliding scale ticket to join the dance!
$34, $39, $44, or $54


– Door sales are also available

All ticket options offer the same experience. We have included different price levels to allow you all to feel comfortable with your contribution to our event while being mindful of individual expenses.

✶ Dance Location

– More with Less, Sheridan Lot
4009 N. Sheridan Rd.



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