Galactatron 191114.jpg

Galactatron is traveler from the Andromeda galaxies. They first arrived on earth when their ship, Chunky’Womp, crash landed here. With the help of the Kalaxian infinity flares, attracted by the infectious dancing of earth’s Ecstatic Dancers, they were able to restart Chunky’Womp’s light engine.
Being a flare walker for the Galactic Federation, Glactatron travels to the farthest reaches of the known and unknown universe embarking on magical and out of this world adventures that always involve furious dancing. Recently they had visited universal quadrant q7delta Nin3r, an unusual place that was emitting high levels on Enlightenium energy. It was found out that the beings in this corner of the universe had created this energetic field as a result of activating their light bodies through wild and unbound movement, and instantaneous connection and boundary setting that allowed them to be closer to each other more than ever before. Galactatron is now on a multi Universe tour sharing trace elements of Enlightenium with all communities that desire to further the process of light body activation, and oneness realization. Get ready to level up on an epic dance journey set to a hybrid of earthly and alien beats.