Free Ecstatic Dance at Northerly Island! 10/19 – Nights Out In The Park

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In partnership with the Chicago Park District and the Nights Out In The Park programing, and sponsored by Audio Pharmacology, Sprout LivingWindy City OrganicsRaw Guru, and the benefactor of our incredible sound system Critical Sound Engineering. Ecstatic Dance Chicago is excited to offer our dance practice, and community gathering FREE of charge, at the Northerly Island Lawn, between the park district visitor center and the Daphne Garden.

Part of a Worldwide Ecstatic Dance movement, Ecstatic Dance Chicago is a welcoming place to dance, celebrate, connect with community, and feel free to be you with others that want the same.
You are invited to be curious, playful, sexy, meditative, adventurous, or anything you choose, and to share with others or dance alone. Our participation guidelines make this safe and easy. You are encouraged to step into the joy of your dance, and to make friends along the way.
✶ Dance Activation – W_Dervish, World Wide Groove/Deep House
✶ Movment Warm Up – Jade White, Movment Exploration and Play
✶ Sound Journey – Damian Perez, Reiki Infused Crystal Bowls
Northerly Island Lawn
(Some paid parking is available north of the Northerly Island The Visitor Center)
Join us any time on,
Saturday, October 19th, 2019
1pm to 5pm

1p – 1:50p – Movment Warm Up
1:50p – 2p – Opening Circle & Guidelines Share
2p – 4:30p – Ecstatic Dance
4:30p – 4:45p – Meditative Sound Journey
4:45p – 5p – Closing Circle

✶✶✶This Event is Free!✶✶✶

✶ Talking, cell phones, photography, your shoes, and alcohol are left outside the dance space. Playfulness, curiosity, and a welcoming spirit are invited in. Our participation guidelines make dancing alone, or sharing with others safe and easy.

✶ As this is a public event, in a public space some photography of the dance will go on outside the dance space.

✶ Four our Required Dance Guidelines please visit the About page. 

“We are excited to share this practice with you.”
– Ecstatic Dance Chicago Community