Tickets, Location, & Guidelines, 5/20

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✶ Required Space Guidelines:

– Covering the Mouth and Nose is optional for everyone, and proof of vaccination is not required per lifting of Chicago mandates.  
– All bodies are welcome (This venue does have stairs).
– Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, scented oils, and other strong scents including any body odor. Deodorant will be available.
– Do not wear shoes, unless you have indoor dance shoes.
– Give extra space to anyone wearing a red fabric. Clean Red Fabric will be available.

✶ Required Dance Guidelines:

“Be Present”
– No verbal conversations, projecting sexual energy, cell phones, or photography on the dance floor. This way we can have more dancing, and more connection to the dance and each other. Consensual video/photos, and verbal conversations can happen off the dance floor.

“Be Consensual”
– We value Consent: Please get permission before involving others in your dance, physical touch, verbal conversation, photos, and videos.

a) To invite a participant into a shared dance, make eye contact and a gesture of open hands.
aa) To invite a participant into a shared physical contact in a dance first follow instruction a) then offer your forearm as an invitation for a place to contact, or ask verbally “may I touch you in this dance?” or “can we dance in contact?”
b) To refuse an invitation, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “no thank you,” or ignore the invitation.
c) To finish a shared dance, make eye contact w/ your palms together at the chest as a sign of “thank you, I am done,” or just dance away.

“Be Clear” 
– We are Substance-free: No drugs or alcohol in the event space.
– Use your vocal voice when you need to.

“Take Care”
– Keep the intimacy found in a shared dance exclusive to that specific exchange. (Remember that it doesn’t automatically translate to that same person or group in a different container, or new exchange)
– Take responsibility for only yourself and your actions, while being mindful of, and compassionate to those around you.
– Call out any shade or disrespect directly, or ask a friend, a dance guide (wearing green light wristbands), or the Ecstatic Dance Chicago Council at to help. 

✶ Tickets available through Sat Nam

✶ Dance Location

– Sat Nam Yoga Studio
1304 W Washington Blvd,
Chicago, IL 60607


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