New Year’s Day, Ecstatic Cacao Activation, 1/1/22

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You are invited to a cacao activation, and an extraordinary dance gathering where you can move with an open heart, melt away anything holding you back, and find the joy in your own dance and in shared experience with a community that wants the same!

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to cultivate authentic expression, and mindful connection. It is a place where you can explore your dance, and connect with an awesome collective dance vibration.

Pure cacao is both an energizing superfood with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and a plant medicine that opens the heart, deepens meditative insights, and boosts inner/outer connection.

Saturday, January 1st, 2022
6:30pm – 10:30pm

✶ Dance Activation – Dj Romance, Funky Dance Grooves
✶ Movement Warmup – Katarina Stanisavljevic, Movement and Sound
✶ Sound Journey & Cacao Service – Paul Grosso, Flute and Voice
✶ Host – Roman Borochin

– 6:30pm Arrive and Connect
– 6:40pm Movement Warm Up 
– 7:30pm Opening Circle and Cacao Activation
– 7:50pm Ecstatic Dance
– 10:00pm Sound Journey/Relaxation
– 10:15pm Reflections + Closing

Cacao consumption is completely optional and is not required for participation. Cacao is not advised for anyone taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants, or anyone with epilepsy. It is also not advised for anyone with a heart condition to have a 40 gram or higher serving of pure cacao. For any other questions about the cacao served at this event, please write to

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines

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Romance is a curator of incredible music. Music has played a big part in his life by providing him with a gateway to embodiment, and into free flow of movement and energy. Wanting for others to have the same opportunity he creates space and plays music that bring on these mystical qualities.
For the past decade Roman has been hosting and Djing intentional dance gatherings, and out of the ordinary dance and art events. He is also the founder, and lead organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.

For his Dj sets Romance draws from Black American, African, Afro Brazilian, South and Central American, Eastern, European, and many indigenous and rhythmic and vocal cultures of the world. Allot is also picked from the polished and technically produced sounds of electronic music.

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Katarina Stanisavljevic is a curious thinker, creator, innovator, aspiring scholar-practitioner, who finds joy in the arts and expression, bridging ideas across disciplines and dreaming new paradigms of possibility. She is a Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and Instructor, in practice since 2010. She has taught within Zen Shiatsu Chicago’s certification training program for three years and has offered workshops globally in Shiatsu theory and practice, the healing arts and the Chinese Medicine 5 Elements since 2013. She treats clients at Heartwood Center in Evanston. Katarina is currently teaching Yoga and Meditation to teens through the non-profit organization After School Matters in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield,

Her approach to practice and healing is to nurture the innate wisdom and movement of intrinsic wellbeing within those she works with. She continues her on-going studies and research in Buddhism and contemporary psychology at Northwestern University. Learn more about her work at

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Paul Grosso, a musical master and a true steward of the Cacao plant, will be guiding us in the Cacao Activation by brining us into a deeper relationship with this heart opening plant medicine. He will also take us on a transcendent music sound journey to help us integrate and explore all we will gather during the dance.

Paul is fully committed to the path of offering wholistic healing incorporating breathwork, music therapy, meditation and plant medicines such as cacao and sananga. His live musical performances facilitate transformational experience for listeners. They include rhythms and melodies of various instruments including the Mediterranean drum, didgeridoo, Native American flute, shakers, jaw harp, baritone ukulele, and the singing of medicine songs.

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We are excited to have you join us.