Ecstatic Dance Chicago 5/15

Exstatic Dance Cover 2

***Dj Dance Delights***

– DJ Miss Carla Starla.
Deep Ambient Driving House Beats with sprinkles of Freestyle Live and Uplifting Vocal Accompaniment, Spirit Mind Body Connection, So honored to be a part of this event! It’s one of my life’s purposes to dance, sing and share music that moves my soul and opens my mind. I offer so much love and respect. I can’t wait to journey with you.

– Please get excited to welcome back our one and only DJ Roman!!!!! ROMANESCO will be tickling our ears and pumping up our energy on the dance floor! His sweet beats and fun-loving energy is going to send us far out into the stratosphere as we blast into ecstatic movement!!! Bring on the bliss!! (And the Hansen remix!) wink emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon Ohhhhhhhh YEAH!!!!

***Musical Vibrations***

– Sound Journey Conductor Khari Lemuel on Cello and Voice.
Khari hopes to one day rise into heaven on a cloud of musical composition. For him music is a daily meditation; an alter where he can unfold the purpose of his life. Above all Khari Lemuel is an artist painting with sound, composition and the mystical force of creation.


– Live Drumming by Mikaylo Kelly.
Listening to the rhythms of silence, to be ready to jump up and ride upon the ethereal, and eternal waves of the music flowing through the universe, this is what Mikaylo Kelly lives for. To him the meaning of life is to get more in beat with ourselves, our communities, our world and our universe, and there are few things more pleasing to him than to take part in this all happening simultaneously through ecstatic dance.

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The sweet joy of the dance floor is calling. Your playfulness and curiosity are being requested.