Family Constellations with Natalya

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Family Constellations elevate humanity, and cultivate fluency in living life and in relating to yourself and the world around you. They profoundly transform limiting patterns between you and your lineages, and any other relationships be it with your work, love, health, or purpose.
We know we inherit our physical DNA, and did you know that along with the color of our eyes and hair we inherit much more. In our being resides all the love and support of our lineage. Along with the blessings are the burdens; the conditions, patterns & traumas as they existed in our families’ past. There is an energy-genetic inheritance that family members carry. Parents, grandparents, ancestors literally live on in our minds, bodies, and lives. Personal issues with relationships, family, and career may actually be inherited from the lives of ancestors.
The Family Constellation deals with the very roots of our lives. It allows us to clear and resolve our ancestral burdens, and to recognize and receive the blessings that are being passed on to us. On an energetic, soul level Family Constellations connect us to a deep long-lasting resolution based in love. They free us to live our true inheritance, healthy, and safe. Experiencing life fully in the present, and trusting in the future.
In this practice, Natalya will guide you to set workshop participants into a constellation of your family members, ancestors, and different energies that can help influence the constellation. Workshop participants will be stand ins for all the aspects that are set into play. As your constellation unfolds you get to witness it from a removed perspective and interact with it directly. It is in that space that the magic truly unfolds and miracles happen. The results are self love, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Not everyone in the workshop will be able to set and process a personal constellation, though everyone in the workshop will receive the benefit of the results from witnessing and participating in the process.
The Family Constellations technique was introduced to the west by Bert Hellinger, a well-known psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, poet, and philosopher. Bret was inspired and guided by his work in psychology, and the shamanic practices of African Zulu people. From many years of clinical practice, Bert created a unique model of a medical practice in which the elements of psychoanalysis and spirituality are combined.
Natalya Shklovskaya-Rabinsun is certified in Family Constellations therapy by the Bert Hellinger Institute. The workshops led by Natalya are especially powerful as she is an intuitive healer, with her sense of guidance amplified in Constellations environment. Since 2012 she conducts Family Constellation workshops and private sessions with the help of her husband, Alexander Rabinsun, in the USA, Canada, Israel, Former Soviet Union, and India. Alexander is also certified in Family Constellation therapy. Together they are helping participants overcome problems that would otherwise be determined as “unsolvable.”
See the Video Testimonials of participants of the Family Constellation practice with Natalya, bellow.

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