Ecstatic Dance Chicago, 4/29

EDC Long and minimal Dj

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture and brings folks closer together by offering a space that nurtures authentic expression, and pathways for mindful connection. It is a place where you can explore and express your dance, and participate with an awesome dancing collective.

Pure cacao is both an energizing superfood with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and a plant medicine that opens the heart, deepens meditative insights, and boosts inner/outer connection.

You are invited to an extraordinary gathering, where you can dance all that needs to be danced, shake loose anything holding you back, and be supported by the energy of Cacao, and the energy of collective joy and celebration! This dance will also have a healing arts practitioner, and local artisans vending hand made crafts.

Friday, April 29th
7pm – 11pm CDT
✶ Dance Activation – Amritaji, Worldbeat and Bass
✶ Warm Up – Bridget Montgomery, Dance and Play
✶ Cacao Activation – Sofia Sturla
✶ Sound Journey – Sam Bottner, Guitar, Voice and Synt
✶ Healing Arts – Brook Woolf, Thai Massage
✶ Artisanal Craft – Ryan Blume (paint/sculpture), and Sofia Sturla (leather craft)

– 7:00pm Arrive and Connect
– 7:10pm Cacao Activation
– 7:20pm Movement Warm Up
– 8:05pm  & Opening Circle
– 8:20pm Ecstatic Dance
– 10:20pm Sound Journey
– 10:35pm Reflections + Closing

Cacao consumption is completely optional and is not required for participation. Cacao is not advised for anyone taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants, or anyone with epilepsy. It is also not advised for anyone with a heart condition to have a 40 gram or higher serving of pure cacao. For any other questions about the cacao served at this event, please write to

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines

Amritaji (Amrit Dhillon) has been spinning psychedelic worldbeat and bass music since 2007. Coming from her roots in psytrance, she has spent the last decade and a half playing at electronic music events, festivals and Ecstatic Dances around the world. Her unique style of weaving the traditional music of Eastern and indigenous cultures with electronic bass and dance music started with her love for sonic-induced states of trance after practicing traditional Sanskrit Kirtan when she was in high school. A lifelong musician, Amritaji is passionate about blending traditional and modern music, giving her audiences a distinct sonic experience of deep bass lines, Eastern melodies and uplifting grooves. Her passion is for creating sacred dance journeys to offer a sonic space for healing, free and authentic expression, and fun! She regularly performs in Salt Lake City, across the US and internationally.

Amritaji founded Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee in 2016. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, where she is a resident DJ and DJ trainer at Ecstatic Dance Salt Lake City. She is a DJ trainer with Dance The Medicine, and an ambassador for Ecstatic Dance Records. She has also been featured on Street Ritual Records.

EDC Long and minimal date Movement Warm Up

✶ Warm Up – Bridget Montgomery, Dance and Play
As a teenager, you could find Bridget Montgomery dancing at the Medusa’s Club in Chicago. Heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and African dance, Bridget practiced with many renowned dancers including Jasmin Jahal, Stephanie Barto and Idy Ciss from the Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago. Currently a licensed clinical counselor at Chicago Public Schools, Bridget uses dance as therapy for many inner city kids and writes dance curriculum rooted in storytelling and creative expression. She also teaches weekly mobility and strength based movement classes. As society emerges from a difficult and isolating time, Bridget promotes dancing in public places as a way for people to engage and to spark new ways of being. Bridget is elated to be part of this month’s Ecstatic Dance workshop and to be surrounded by others who understand the power of dance.   For this warmup, we will practice movement and gestures that historically have empowered the mind and body.

EDC Long and minimal date Sound Journey

✶ Sound JourneySam Bottner, Guitar, Voice and Synth
As a musician, producer, and yoga teacher, Sam has a passion for utilizing sound and music as tools to venture inward. Since 2012, he has toured North America with his band, Barrier, and recently released his debut record for his newest project, Ananzi. Currently Sam is in the studio producing emotive soundscapes, medicine songs, and music for anyone that needs his services with Revolution8audio. He looks forward to taking you on a sonic journey to deep inner space through atmospheric guitar, voice, and resonance bowls

EDC Long and minimal date Cacao Activation

✶ Cacao Activation – Sofia Sturla
Sofia Sturla is a holistic health coach and an artist who loves to move her body, eat delicious food, enjoy relationships, and live life guided by the altar. Sofia helps people transition towards greater wellness by implementing action steps for behavior change. Her own healing journey took her through a series of evolutions by making small changes. Offering cacao with a guided activation meditation, Sofia welcomes you to take a step deeper into embodiment as we open up to dance for the evening. Cacao is known for opening the heart, carrying antioxidants, and nourishing with good fats. Together, with the cacao we will open up into small changes towards the light, into our bodies, and through our hearts.

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines

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