Ecstatic Dance Chicago at Sat Nam Yoga, 11/19

Sat Nam Romance

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to cultivate authentic expression, and mindful connection. It is a place where you can explore your dance, and connect with an awesome collective dance consciousness.

Sat Nam Yoga Studio played a crucial part in the rise of Ecstatic Dance Chicago. It is a place where incredible talent was found to present healing arts, sound baths, and movement warm ups at Ecstatic Dance. Now Ecstatic Dance Chicago comes directly to Sat Nam to offer a space for guided and free form movement that will support the flow and blossoming of your life force energy.

You are invited to this extraordinary dance activation, where you can dance all that needs to be danced, shake loose anything holding you back, and find the joy in your own dance and in a shared experience with others that want the same!

Friday, November 19th
7pm – 9:30pm
✶ Dance Activation – Dj Romance, Funky Dance Grooves
✶ Warm Up & Host – Roman Borochin

– 7:00pm Arrive and Connect
– 7:10pm Opening Circle and Intention Setting
– 7:20pm Movement Warm Up
– 7:40pm Ecstatic Dance
– 9:10pm Meditative Relaxation
– 9:20pm Reflections + Closing

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines

Romance is a curator of incredible music. Music has played a big part in his life by providing him with a gateway to embodiment, and into free flow of movement and energy. Wanting for others to have the same opportunity he creates space and plays music that bring on these mystical qualities.
For the past decade Roman has been hosting and Djing intentional dance gatherings, and out of the ordinary dance and art events. He is also the founder, and lead organizer of Ecstatic Dance Chicago.

For his Dj sets Roman draws from Black American, African, Afro Brazilian, South and Central American, Eastern, European, and many indigenous and rhythmic and vocal cultures of the world. Allot is also picked from the polished and technically produced sounds of electronic music.

Roman is trained in facilitating guided dance and movement practice. He has studied Kundalini Ecstatic Dance Facilitation, Foundations of Facilitation, Movement Medicine, Contact Improvisation, and Dance Performance. For his Warm Up at the Sat Nam Ecstatic Dance he will invite participants into creative play, and listening when dancing with them selves and each other.

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines

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