Ecstatic Dance Chicago Outside, 6/12

210612 Dj Hugo Lopez

Ecstatic Dance Chicago elevates culture by offering a space to cultivate authentic expression, and mindful connection. It is a place where you can explore your dance, and connect with an awesome collective dance consciousness.

You are invited to take a dive into an immersive Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance experience, with amazing people, on a big field of soft grass, while surrounded by beautiful nature.

Saturday, June 12th
1:00pm – 4:44pm CDT
✶ Dance Activation – Hu Go Lo, Rhythm and Bass and Melody
✶ Opening and Closing Circle – Robert Bershadsky
✶ Yoga/Dance Warm Up – Roman Borochin, Movement Play
✶ Dance Activation Assist & Sound Journey – Paul Grosso of Musical Mindset, Didgeridoo and Flute

– 1:00pm Arrive and pick up Silent Disco Headphones
– 1:15pm Movement Warm Up
– 2:00pm Opening Circle and Intention Setting
– 2:15pm Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance
– 4:15pm Sound Bath
– 4:30pm Reflections + Closing

Tickets, Location, and Guidelines
– For work exchange (1 hour for set up, break down, or at the sign in table) tickets contact by 6/11.

Vibing from Chicago, IL., Hu Go Lo is emerging from the hotbed of the entertainment world and expanding rapidly as he has been performing in the Mid West and the West Coast. This multi-faceted diverse DJ has ignited energy into the young and old alike with seemingly hypnotizing mixes that keep everyone grooving all night long. Raised in a family of musicians and DJs, Hu Go Lo has been submerged into synesthetic vibes of sound since birth. With his unique setup, cutting edge technique, and beautiful deep track selection, Hu Go Lo takes his audience on magical journeys of vibe and sound that seem to make time stop and let you lose yourself in the energies of the music. While a lot of DJs stick to one or two genres, Hu Go Lo likes to take his listeners on a journey through energy and sound with varying genres that will have the imagination and creative flow bursting and unleashed.

Demo Mix

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